FaceMe To Accelerate AI Innovation Using Tatau

Published: Fri 2 Nov 2018 11:49 AM
FaceMe To Accelerate AI Innovation Using Tatau’s Distributed Supercomputer
AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND--1 November, 2018--FaceMe, a leading provider of AI-powered ‘digital humans’ for customer service, and Tatau, supplier of the world’s first blockchain-based distributed supercomputer for AI, announced today that they will work together to increase the speed and scope of the GPU-based processing in FaceMe’s advanced AI software.
By using Tatau’s distributed supercomputer for AI model training, FaceMe can access greater compute capacity at a more commercially viable price point, thus accelerating its innovation cycle significantly.
“FaceMe is pushing the boundaries of machine cognition, and developing digital humans with hyper-realistic behavioral responses to external stimuli. We’re looking forward to using Tatau’s supercomputer for this cornerstone feature in our platform because it will allow us to significantly increase the speed of our development,” said Victor Yuen, Head of Product at FaceMe. “What we do is far beyond what movies and games are achieving with scripted and captured performances. Our digital humans are engineered to emulate the behavior of empathetic and socially intelligent people. The research and development involved with such an undertaking present a heavy processing load, using huge amounts of data and employing complex neural networks that need to be constantly improved upon.”
“FaceMe is a great partner for Tatau because it is pushing new boundaries in enterprise AI, and has a large appetite for GPU-based compute. For FaceMe, more power equates to faster development of higher-performing models, and this builds its commercial advantage in what is already one of the fastest-growing and most competitive fields of technology. The Tatau platform allows FaceMe to do much more with less, and this helps give FaceMe an enviable edge,” said Andrew Fraser, Co-Founder & CEO of Tatau.
Tatau will supply FaceMe with computation through its platform by harnessing GPUs owned by its suppliers, who are globally distributed companies that operate cryptocurrency mining and high-performance computing operations. Tatau and FaceMe will work together to create a template for applying distributed computation techniques to large-scale commercial AI problems.
“This will be the next wave of growth in the AI industry, and Tatau’s cost-effective supercomputer for AI model training offers a template for accelerated innovation across a wide cross-section of the AI industry,” added Fraser.
About Tatau
Tatau supplies a distributed supercomputing platform that AI companies use to perform complex deep-learning operations and to train machine learning models. Tatau's supercomputer uses blockchain technology to aggregate and resell the combined resources of a globally distributed network of GPU-based machines that are traditionally used for cryptocurrency mining, high performance computing and gaming. Tatau’s supercomputing platform is cost-effective for AI companies while paying a premium to its suppliers over and above what they traditionally earn.
Tatau’s first product was released in August 2018 to meet the growing demand for compute power in the artificial intelligence industry. Future product releases will cover different verticals such as film & television (for post production). Tatau was founded by a group of experienced tech entrepreneurs and executives from New Zealand, Israel, and USA. Tatau has offices in Auckland, Palo Alto and Ukraine.
Josh Webb, Chief Marketing Officer
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About FaceMe
FaceMe’s Digital Human Platform is a next generation interface that combines the best customer experience influencers from both man and machine, embodying the brand of an organisation and creating significant value through emotional connection, personalisation and consistency with end-users (something that has not been able to be achieved through digital channels previously).
Available as a platform with simple APIs, any Enterprise customer or chatbot product company can easily reimagine and create powerful customer experiences that would extend across enterprise customer service, retail, healthcare, education and Government.

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