New gardening product ends search

Published: Wed 1 Jul 2015 12:15 PM
New gardening product ends search
The kiwi gardener’s search for the ultimate garden product is over, with the arrival of the new 7 in 1 Fert Pellets range. These new, all-in-one products mean no mucking around with different bags and instead combine the perfect blend of sheep, horse and chicken manure, Blood & Bone, organic matter, mineral gypsum and seaweed extracts. Using specialised manufacturing techniques, these 7 ingredients have been combined into one unique pellet that outperforms all existing single source pellets.
Also included is Zeolite (natures own nutrient sponge), which allows plant roots easier access and storage of these valuable nutrients. The end result from this nutrient rich cocktail is higher yield crops for your garden!
Exclusive to The Warehouse, the new 7 in 1 Fert Pellets range contains everything your garden needs and are simple to use. There are two fertilisers; the Vegetable formula and the Citrus and Fruit Formula, which combine different organic nutrient sources that perfectly match your growing plants needs.
Fruit tree growers will love the Boosted Orchard Mix, which is a specific planter mix. Dig it in during planting or use it as a complete container mix (ideal when planting fruit trees in pots). The mix contains natural ingredients and 7 in1 Fert Pellets for healthier trees with dark green foliage and an increased production of sweet juicy fruit come harvest time. The Boosted Compost also contains nutrient rich 7 in 1 Fert Pellets and is ideal for general garden use. Dig into existing soil to improve soil structure and health.
The range also stimulates and promotes naturally occurring soil organisms like earthworms, trichoderma and other beneficial fungi which are good for your garden.
Safe, non-toxic, child and pet friendly, the 7 in 1 Fertiliser Pellets range is available nationwide exclusively through The Warehouse. Prices are below:
• 7 in 1 Fert Pellets Vegetable formula is $9.90 excluding GST for an 8kg bag
• 7 in 1 Fert Pellets Citrus and Fruit formula is $9.90 excluding GST for an 8kg bag
• Boosted Orchard Mix (with 7 in 1 Fert Pellets) is $12.00 excluding GST for a 30 litre bag
• Boosted Compost (with 7 in 1 Fert Pellets) is $11.00 excluding GST for a 40 litre bag

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