Small Business Political Party Proposed for Next Election

Published: Wed 10 Sep 2014 02:21 PM
Small Business Political Party Proposed for Next Election
At last Friday’s Small Business Summit, MPs were told that small business is sick of been ignored by politicians.
It was proposed, and well received, that a political party be established for the next election to look after the interests of small business.
Small business advocates say they are not looking for hand-outs but want the Government to pull back intrusive and restrictive laws and introduce initives that encourage prosperity for all New Zealanders.
Some of the isuues identified:
• Over zealous employment laws
• Complicated tax and compliance requirements
• The intrusive and restrictive nature of the Resource Management Act
• Costly and restrictive local council by-laws, permit systems and compliance restraints
• Unnecessary health and safety regulations
• The minimum wage and the threat to impose further financial stress on small business.
Small Business Voice CEO, Max Whitehead, says setting up a political party wouldn’t be difficult as small business owners know that no other party is currently looking after their interests. He says that finding the required 500 signed supporters from New Zealand’s 450,000 SMEs and their 500,000 employees would be easy. However, the question is: would such a political party benefit New Zealand and small businesses?
“We are not looking for an unfair advantage over other New Zealanders nor do we want a hand out. All we are asking for is a fair go. When politicians increase wages or give workers another paid holiday, they are reaching into our pockets — not theirs — and giving away our families’ hard-earned incomes,” says Mr. Whitehead.
“We are not big-time wealthy business people. We are hard-working mums and dads living on your street,” he says.

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