Moa introduces the ‘Four More Years’ beer

Published: Wed 23 Nov 2011 04:15 PM
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23 November 2011
Moa introduces the ‘Four More Years’ beer
Unlike most of New Zealand who went straight to the drinks cabinet to toast New Zealand’s rugby win, your dedicated Moa team headed down to the shop floor to brew up a celebratory batch they’re calling the ‘Four More Years’ beer.
The Four More Years beer is brewed like a Moa Imperial Stout, infused with Guatemala coffee beans, then added to French barriques for extended maturation.
Moa founder Josh Scott says the beer was not only inspired by the All Blacks’ triumph over the French but also looks ahead to future ABs’ wins at the 2015 World Cup.
“Because the next World Cup is in the UK, we thought a stout was fitting. Plus, it’s big and black like our team – and at 10.11% ABV, it packs a punch equivalent to Jerome Kaino in a crash tackle.
“Given we had France over a barrel, the French barriques are appropriate, and the coffee is a nod to the fact Kiwis will all be getting up early or staying up late to watch the next Cup in 2015.”
Josh says Moa selected the coffee beans after a cupping (tasting) session with boutique Marlborough roasting company CPR Coffee.
“As with beer, there’s a huge difference between good and bad coffee beans. Our cupping session not only helped turn us into proper coffee snobs but, more importantly, it ensured we got the finest quality beans that best fitted our beer.
“The Guatemala beans were chosen because of their low bitterness levels, high aromatics, chocolate aromas and low oil content.”
The Four More Years beer will be lovingly stored in the Moa cellar until 2015, when it will be bottled in 500 750ml bottles, as well as 1litre Jeroboams and – to ensure there’s plenty to go around at the victory party – 6 litre Methusalahs.
Moa plans to design and unveil the label in 2015, with each bottle numbered and signed by Josh Scott and Moa master brewer David Nicholls.
Fans will have to wait until at least 2013 to place their order... although bribes will be accepted in advance for a place on the waiting list.
Style: French oak aged and Guatemala coffee infused imperial stout.
Tasting notes: Big robust beer. Like a gutsy red wine. Rich dark roasted malt and leather characters, all infused with a delicate coffee aroma that exudes a typical freshly roasted coffee and handmade chocolate flavour.
10.11% Alc.
For more information, please see
About Moa Beer
Moa Beer is brewed with fresh locally produced hops and without adjuncts such as rice, sugar or corn. It’s made the way beer used to be made, before everyone started making it differently. Fastidiously handcrafted in the traditional method and rounded off through the use of winemaking techniques, including barrel ageing and bottle fermentation and conditioning (like they do with Champagne). Because making (and drinking) the same thing every day becomes boring, Moa comes in 10 varieties: The Estate range: Moa Methode, Moa Blanc, Moa Noir, Moa Pale Ale; the Reserve range: Moa Imperial Stout, Moa St Josephs, Moa Blanc Evolution, Moa Five Hop and Moa Breakfast; and Moa Original.Moa comes in a variety of different sizes: from 330ml, through 375ml and 750ml, up to 1.5L magnums and 3L jeroboams to make you look extra-cool at parties.

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