New Jewellery Invention Helps Women Lose Weight

Published: Mon 29 Sep 2008 10:52 AM
Media Release 29 September 2008
New Jewellery Invention Helps Women Lose Weight
Auckland woman Wendy Barker has invented and patented the world’s first successful weight loss fashion accessory. Her Figure 8 Bodychain helps people to lose weight and research has already indicated that the majority also keep it off.
The Figure 8 Bodychain is worn around the waist against the skin, underneath the clothing, so it fits comfortably – just tight enough to stay in place while being almost imperceptible as the wearer goes about their daily life. At first glance, the Figure 8 Bodychain presents itself as a piece of elegant jewellery but the product utilises a branch of behavioural psychology known as operant conditioning. Barker describes the Figure 8 Bodychain as being like a personal weight loss coach.
"When worn continuously the Figure 8 Bodychain provides subtle, constant feedback to your brain about the state of your waist measurement and begins to modify your behaviour - the key to weight loss success. Crucially it will not allow your mind to trick your body about whether your food intake and exercise output is right for you. Good or bad, your Figure 8 Bodychain will let you know exactly what’s happening with your body," explains Barker.
Like most good inventions the principle is fairly simple – much like taking in your belt when you lose weight - but in reality it has taken years to perfect the product. Barker, who has a background in construction management, admits before she invented the Figure 8 Bodychain the only thing she knew about jewellery was that she liked wearing it. But after wrestling with her weight since a teenager and years spent yoyo dieting she knew things had to change.
She made her own chain and trialed the product until she had perfected the design so it was comfortable, adjustable and attractive. Barker’s sister, who was a size 24 and on medication for high blood pressure, was her first test subject.
"By taking in her Figure 8 Bodychain link by link as she lost weight she was motivated to keep it off. She has now gone from a couch potato to a size 12 Les Mills fitness instructor."
Barker trialed the product on 28 people in total before taking it to market and found similar results, which were written up in a research report by a senior lecturer from the Auckland University of Technology.
The Figure 8 Bodychain is available in sterling silver, gold or platinum and in a range of sizes. Barker has also aligned her business with the Buy1Give1 charity where she will give 10% of company profits to help feed children in India.
"The meals cost just US25 cents so even if somebody purchases the lowest priced Figure 8 Bodychain they will be feeding one hundred children. It seemed a nice synergy – taking off the weight you don’t need then giving food to somebody who does need it."
Barker has just launched a new website and plans to sell her product online and through a party plan system.
"Daily weight management is so much easier when you know where you are at – and it doesn’t need to be complicated. Forget the fad diets and go for the simple healthy daily lifestyle changes. I know from personal experience that when you are a healthy weight you have more energy and feel better. This makes you look good, feel attractive and, best of all, be happy."

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