Only regulation can clean up pills market – STANZ

Published: Mon 19 Feb 2007 03:09 PM
Only regulation can clean up pills market – STANZ
19 February 2007
“Only regulation can protect party pill users,” says the Social Tonics Association of New Zealand.
STANZ was responding to a statement from the police that the line between illicit drugs and legal party pills is becoming increasingly blurred.
“It is no surprise that MDMA pills, which are themselves illegal, should also contain other illicit substances. Neither is it a surprise that they may also contain BZP, although BZP is a restricted rather than an illicit substance,” said STANZ Chairperson Matt Bowden.
“This is exactly what happens in a black market. The customer has no come-back against the manufacturer and no guarantee that the product is clean.
“STANZ argument is that there will always be a demand in New Zealand for mood-enhancing drugs and that the best response is to accept this and to seek through public policy to provide the safest products possible, including a requirement on manufacturers to list product ingredients on the packaging.
“Unlike methamphetamine and most other drugs, BZP is not addictive and does not promote violent or criminal behaviour. It is also relatively safe to use provided people stick to the recommended dosage and do not mix with other drugs or alcohol, and provided good manufacturing standards are adhered to.
“There is only one way to achieve this, and it is not by pushing the market underground and into the hands of the gangs. It is by using the existing powers available under the Misuse of Drugs Act to regulate,” Mr Bowden said.
“STANZ has commissioned a comprehensive code of practice and regulatory framework and submitted it to the Government for implementation. We are convinced this is much the better and safer alternative to prohibition.”

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