Holden Monaro Goes On Sale

Published: Tue 9 Apr 2002 09:21 AM
Monday, April 8, 2002
Following its sensational debut at the Sydney International Motor Show last October, Holden’s Monaro is now set to make its appearance in New Zealand showrooms at the end of this month. The Supercharged V6 four-speed automatic has a recommended retail price of $63,000 while the V8 - automatic and six-speed manual, lists at $74,000.
The striking new coupe made the transition from concept to reality in just 22 months. Embracing advanced design, engineering and flexible manufacturing processes, it showcases Holden’s commitment to technological and creative leadership.
When speaking at the Monaro’s unveiling, Holden Australia’s Chairman and Managing Director, Peter Hanenberger, said the Monaro symbolised all that was great about the automotive industry, its inherent spirit and constant desire to excite the market and ignite customer enthusiasm.
“Few nameplates have the emotive impact of the Monaro. The design icon of its era and a motor sport giant with a street credibility that is locked in time, it has an unmatched heritage.
“It took a group of young designers with a strength of purpose and vision that was not to be overshadowed by past achievements to burst through and deliver another design benchmark - one of such power and grace that we had no option but to bring it to reality. This coupe also had to be given its time in history,” he said.
“For all of us at Holden, the Monaro has delivered a remarkable double. Holden has a car that any automotive company in the world would be proud to have in its stable. At the same time, it has made us a more flexible company, better placed to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse market,” Peter Hanenberger concluded.
In evolving the Monaro, Holden designers and engineers have delivered a true four-seater, rear wheel drive sports machine. The car is distinguished by sleek, expressive styling, a vibrant colour palette matched to individually tailored interior finishes, an innovative seating system, luxury equipment, leading safety technology and sports car vehicle dynamics. There are two Monaro variants – dubbed CV8 and CV6, offering powerful Generation III V8 and Supercharged V6 performance respectively.
While the arrival of the new coupe has been almost as keenly anticipated as that of the first Holden Monaro - an instant hit when it took the spotlight in 1968 - the company says that this Monaro is much more representative of the future than a celebration of its past. With excitement and passion evident in all elements of its creation, including a return of the famous nameplate by public consensus, the 21st century Monaro symbolises the heart of the Holden brand.
The Monaro was fully designed and validated ‘virtually’, using Simultaneous Math Based Process (SMBP) technology, considerably reducing turn-around time and expense. Holden estimates that its $NZ73 million Monaro programme investment - $NZ49 million for plant tooling and $NZ24 million for design and engineering - came in at significantly lower level than a more traditional approach would have required.
The dynamic profile of this charismatic two-door evolves directly from the sculptured form of the current Commodore - New Zealand’s best selling car. Following its genesis as a series of hopeful sketches by young stylists, the coupe concept took on a life of its own through the commitment of a small team of designers and engineers determined to build it, and then by sheer force of personality once it entered the public arena.
The Monaro echoes the contours of the original design study, its potent on-road presence characterised by accentuated body curves, a raked roofline, extended door and elongated glass areas. Its lowered lines and stylishly abbreviated rear end are emphasised in silhouette, advertising aerodynamic purpose. Striking tail lamps, new generation quartz halogen projector headlamps with black bezels, fog lamps and a specific grille set the Monaro further apart, as do its seven exterior paint finishes, three of them exclusive and unmistakable.
Interior treatments make an equal impact. Luxury leather trim is standard on both Monaro models; the seating system is unique. Contoured front seats offer eight-way power adjustment and an electric slide fold-forward system allows ready access to rear seats. The coupe will accommodate four adults in comfort and - in the case of the CV8 in particular, individual style.
The leather trim on CV8 models is available in four colours, selected to harmonise with particular exterior finishes, and these are complemented by coloured sports-style instrument clusters with a textured overprint.
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From the front or ‘A’ pillar rearward, the Monaro body structure is unique, featuring 84 major new body panels.
The windscreen rake has been increased by two degrees; the centre or ‘B’ pillar is relocated rearward to accommodate doors that are 150 mm longer than Commodore front doors. The roof is 40 mm lower and rear overhang has been reduced by 100 mm. The Monaro has an aerodynamic drag coefficient of 0.31.
The Monaro body structure meets exacting durability standards. It has been subjected to an intensive analysis programme covering crashworthiness, aerodynamics and noise and vibration development. Monaro’s body bending stiffness is increased by 23 per cent and torsional stiffness by five per cent over the market leading VX Series II Commodore sedan.
The sophisticated safety technology applied to the Monaro implements findings from Holden’s world-leading impact research programme and underscores the company’s continuing leadership in safety design.
The Monaro CV6 and CV8 are equipped with driver, passenger and side airbags, anti-lock braking system (ABS) and traction control.
The structural performance of the coupe body and its efficient crash energy management characteristics were achieved via high-tech computer simulation processes. Special attention has been paid to the side structure design, which minimises collision impact velocity at areas of high injury risk. The rear structure has been developed to maintain controlled crush characteristics in rear impact collisions and it includes ultra high strength reinforcements.
Monaro’s uniquely styled quartz halogen headlamps feature projector-style low beam lights which throw a wide and even beam pattern, improving safety performance by reducing glare to oncoming vehicles.
The centre high-mounted stop lamp is a fast-response LED design, which alerts other drivers to braking input faster - by .2 of a second - than a conventional lamp. At 100 km/h, this equates to 4.7 metres of extra stopping distance.
Unique Seating:
In keeping with its sports performance character, the Holden Monaro offers specially configured, low-positioned seating and individual interior treatments.
The CV8 and CV6 models share the benefits of a well equipped, leather trimmed passenger compartment able to comfortably accommodate four adults. The custom-contoured front and rear seats were developed in conjunction with the coupe’s suspension system for optimum ride comfort.
Access to rear seats is simplified by the power operated fold-forward feature. This is controlled by levers mounted on the sides of the front seats, which when activated slide the seat ‘full forward’. Another touch of the lever will return the seat to its original position. Built-in safety precautions include an electronic occupant-sensing mat that ensures the front seat will not move forward if occupied. All automated seat movement can be cancelled by operating any of the side-mounted seat switches.
Front seats on both Monaro models are eight-way power adjustable, which combined with steering wheel height and reach adjustment allows the selection of an ideal driving position.
Additionally, the CV8 model has a dual Priority Key system that on unlocking the vehicle ‘remembers’ and automatically restores the driver’s preferred seat position, along with other settings such as audio and climate control, trip computer, speed alert, instrument dimmer and antenna height.
Vehicle Dynamics and Performance:
The Holden Monaro rides and handles with luxury sports car poise and assurance. Its driver’s car vehicle dynamics are the result of intensive development by Holden.
Suspension and steering systems have been comprehensively revised and refined to achieve the stability, precision and predictability required of such a car. Extensive suspension development led to revised front and rear springs, increased stabiliser bar diameters and completely re-tuned shock absorbers.
The resultant package, which includes Holden’s new Control-Link IRS, delivers improved dynamic vehicle balance and body motion control and enables greater linear cornering ability.
A precise and responsive steering feel contributes further to cornering confidence; lock-to-lock parking effort is reduced.
The structural rigidity of the coupe body and inherent stability of its lowered stance support the Monaro’s supple ride quality and solid on-road feel.
The CV8 model has 18 x 8-inch alloy wheels as standard. Ride quality and grip are enhanced by the fitment of low profile 235/40 R18 tyres that are unique to this model and have been developed specifically to complement the chassis set-up.
The Monaro CV8 is powered by Holden’s Generation III 5.7 litre V8, which produces 225 kW of power at 5,200 rpm and 460 Nm of torque at 4,400 rpm. There is a choice of 4-speed electronic control automatic transmission or 6-speed manual transmission.
Matching Monaro’s sports orientation, the V8 air induction system has been re-designed to enhance vehicle response and deliver a subtle yet purposeful noise character when accelerating.
Based on the Australian Standard test AS2077, the Monaro CV8 returns 8.0 litres per 100 kms on the highway cycle and 13.0 litres per 100 kms on the city cycle for the automatic; and 7.4 litres per 100 kms on the highway cycle and 13.0 litres per 100 kms on the city cycle for the manual.
The Monaro CV6, fitted with 17 x 8-inch alloy wheels and low profile tyres, is powered by the responsive Supercharged ECOTEC 3.8 litre V6 engine, teamed with 4-speed electronic control automatic transmission. The Supercharged V6 produces 171 kW of power at 5,200 rpm and 375 Newton metres of torque at 3,000 rpm.
The Monaro CV6 automatic returns 7.6 litres per 100km on the highway cycle and 12.5 litres per 100km on the city cycle.
Custom Colour Combinations:
The Holden Monaro presents an exciting, distinctive range of exterior finishes and colour-coded interior trims that, in the case of the CV8 model, can be chosen in a variety of combinations. Of the seven exterior colour choices - Devil, Flame, Hothouse, Red Hot, Phantom, Delft and Quicksilver - the first three are exclusive to Monaro.
The CV6 model teams these colours with Anthracite black leather trimmed seats, doors and steering wheel, sporty Silver Bullet dashboard and silver and black-accented instrument dials with a textured overprint.
The CV8 Monaro defines its individual style by offering the choice of perforated-insert leather trim in Cobalt, Red Hot, Flame and Anthracite, which combine with colour coded instrument dials to complement the exterior finish. Gearshift and handbrake levers are leather-wrapped and highlighted in satin chrome.
The CV8 dash fascia surround is finished in gleaming Piano Black. Plush suede panels, colour-keyed to complement the leather trim, flow around the lower instrument panel, console area and lower door trims. Tailored floor mats in plush pile carpet are provided front and rear.
Colour Range:
Monaro CV8 and CV6 models are available in a choice of seven exterior colours, three of them new and exclusive*:
*Flame (solid, rich orange); *Devil (highly chromatic solid sports yellow); *Hothouse (bright metallic green with brilliant highlights); Delft (lively cobalt blue metallic) Red Hot (brilliant, highly chromatic solid red); Phantom (deep metallic black with subtle silver highlights); and Quicksilver (sharp silver with brilliant highlights).
CV8 Colour and Trim Combinations:
Flame offers Flame or Anthracite leather trim with a Flame instrument colour.
Devil offers Anthracite leather trim with a Devil instrument cluster colour.
Hothouse offers Anthracite leather trim with a Hothouse instrument cluster colour.
Delft offers Cobalt or Anthracite leather trim with a Cobalt instrument cluster colour.
Red Hot offers Red Hot or Anthracite leather trim with a Red Hot instrument cluster colour.
Quicksilver offers Red Hot or Anthracite leather trim with a Red Hot instrument cluster colour.
Phantom offers Red Hot or Anthracite leather trim with a Red Hot instrument cluster colour, as well as Anthracite leather trim with a Devil instrument cluster colour.
Customer Care and Warranty:
Like all Holden passenger cars, sport-utility/recreational light commercial and four-wheel drive vehicles, the Monaro is covered by a three-year 100,000 kilometres warranty - whichever occurs first. Normal service intervals - following the first inspection at 1500 kms, are at every six months or 10,000 kilometres, while the model’s braked towing capacity - with Holden approved equipment, is 1,600 kilograms.
The Monaro also comes with ‘Holden Advantage,’ a motoring assurance package delivered through the collective resources of Holden Dealers and the New Zealand Automobile Association and which operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Benefits, which apply to the vehicle rather than driver and are thus transferred on resale, are a breakdown and recovery service and where applicable, an overnight accommodation and/or alternative transport plan - all in accordance with the formal document that accompanies the vehicle. The service is accessed through the toll free number 0800 HOLDEN.

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