New Bund Is On The Cards For Amberley Beach Community

Published: Tue 30 Apr 2024 11:11 PM
The Amberley Beach community has reassurance from Hurunui District councillors that there will be funds available to build its new bund after winter.
As the targeted rates bank balance currently stands, the funds raised via the coastal community’s 109 properties is $130,000.
The likely debt funding required for the capital works is between $120,000 and $320,000, depending on what build options are chosen.
At the April Council meeting this morning, councillors unanimously agreed in principle to debt fund the shortfall of some of the costs associated with the build of the new Amberley Beach bund.
Hurunui District Council’s Chief Executive Officer Hamish Dobbie said next spring, the existing bund material will be worked into a new bund, made of more robust material. Over time, it will be renourished from the back, creating a much more resilient and adaptable bund.
The first Amberley Beach gravel bund was built in about 1993, its primary purpose was to provide gravels to nourish the beach. Over the years, the bund has been rebuilt many times, its purpose has morphed from beach nourishment to providing storm and surge protection to the beach community.
The decision for the new bund came about through a recently adopted community-led Coastal Adaptation Plan (CAP). Since 2021 Amberley Beach residents have had ongoing engagement with Council about forging a community-led proactive future to mitigate coastal erosion and inundation. Numerous science-based options have been discussed and presented to the community.
“This CAP has always been about having options,” said Dobbie.
The total cost of the new bund is estimated at between approximately $450,000 and $650,00, with an optional spend of $200,000 if the bund is extended north of the culvert. Further, there is an estimated maintenance cost of approximately $250,000 over twelve to fourteen years.
Dobbie reassured councillors that more details would soon become clear around the exact cost of the bund, its dimensions, and materials.
“But today, I’m asking you to provide this beach community the certainty they can carry on with this bund.”
Through a targeted rate, Amberley Beach residents recently agreed to pay $52 per year on top of the $252 local rate, which in turn will cover the loan from Council.
“It is likely the community will have to increase its rate again to cover the next bund,” said Dobbie.
Councillor Garry Jackson highlighted the fact that further conversations with Amberley Beach residents and Council will take place to ensure that within the CAP, funds are being built up for the next bund.
“The beach community can’t rely on having debt funding put in place each time they need a new bund,” said Councillor Jackson.
Councillor Pauline White had full confidence with debt funding the shortfall, and praised the Amberley Beach community for its thorough research throughout the CAP process to take charge of their own future.

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