Making Rural Water Management Easier

Published: Thu 22 Feb 2024 09:54 AM
Council is excited to announce an innovative partnership with Levno which will improve water management of this vital resource, benefiting both the users and the environment.
The collaboration involves installing cutting-edge monitoring technology across South Taranaki's rural water schemes, covering approximately 1,300 farms, businesses and schools.
Levno Chief Executive Mark Simon says, "We're thrilled to be partnering with South Taranaki District Council and the positive impact this will have on our rural community. Our technology not only supports the Council with valuable data but also equips farmers, schools and rural businesses with the information to manage their water resources effectively.”
A key feature of the partnership is the Levno app that provides real-time information on water use to users. It will improve leak detection and water conservation within the District, helping rate payers avoid unexpected water bills and prevent damage to infrastructure.
Council group manager of infrastructure services, Herbert Denton says the technology represents a significant leap forward in water management.
“The partnership signifies a milestone in Council's objectives to improve water conservation within the District and aligns with our commitment to smart, sustainable solutions. By embracing technology, we can enhance our water management practices, benefiting both water users and the environment.”
And if the experience of South Taranaki farmer Scott Dymond is anything to go by, the Levno app will be a big hit.
"Just one minute after installing Levno's water monitoring app, it alerted me to a leak that would've gone unnoticed. A hose blew off at the farm owner's home who were away for the week, risking a loss of over 12,000 litres daily. Thanks to the app, I caught it in time - what a save in the first minute! The app's a breeze to use; setting up alerts and tracking usage is simple. I was so impressed.”
Levno have begun installing monitoring in the region and will continue to communicate with customers when in their area to complete installs as the rollout progresses.
Levno and Council are committed to sustainable development and community wellbeing, setting a standard for innovative, environmentally responsible water management solutions.

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