Now Gangs Are Making Their Own Guns

Published: Tue 15 Jun 2021 06:09 AM
June 14, 2021
While the Police are waging a war against illegal guns imported by gangs, it seems a recent discovery shows that the New Zealand underbelly are building 3D printed guns and that has angered Neville Dodd, president of the Sporting Shooters Association.
“The Government seems determined to stifle lawful gun ownership by licensed Kiwis, tying them up in ever more complex regulations, but it appears powerless to stop illegal procurement of guns for the use of criminals shootings at others, including our Police.”
He says the advent of 3D printers being able to literally create a gun that will fire live ammunition is of great concern. “It opens the door for total abuse and even children can now build a firearm and use it if they so wish.”
However, Dodd says there is one saving factor, if it is implemented properly “They will still need to procure ammunition for the 3D printed guns, and as long as that is only able to be bought from licensed ammunition sellers, there should be limited ammunition available to criminals.”
But he says the criminal element seem to get around or ignore all laws. This is demonstrated by their illegal acquisition of guns and ammunition invariably smuggled in through our porous border.
“We were pleased the Government has maintained the long standing principle that only those who passed stringent examination would be allowed to hold a gun license and yet about a dozen gang members still obtained a license and as far as we know still have one. That oversight leaves the door open to them supplying their fellow gang members who can’t legally buy guns and ammunition.”
All of which goes to show that gun control laws do not stop gun crime. All they do is alienate lawful firearms owners and users.

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