Over 500 Animals Dead, Hundreds More Injured Last Year For Entertainment

Published: Thu 4 Feb 2021 10:01 AM
Horse racing, greyhound racing and rodeo caused hundreds of animal injuries and deaths last year. The most recent victim was Rock on Wood, a horse killed in the Wellington Cup race on Saturday.
SAFE Campaigns Officer Paris Waterworth said animals are not for us to abuse and discard just for ‘entertainment.’
"New Zealand aspires to be a world leader in animal welfare. The first step towards that goal is ending the use of animals in entertainment," said Waterworth.
In 2020, the horse racing industry killed 12 horses and injured 263. Of those injured, 149 were seriously injured, and 41 were found to be bleeding from their nostrils due to the stresses of racing. Approximately 3,000 horses ‘disappear’ from the horse racing industry every year.
During the 2019/20 season, Greyhound Racing New Zealand (GRNZ) reported that 199 dogs were killed, although further inquiries found a further 47 deaths had occurred. Rodeo also caused animal deaths - two bulls were killed at the hands of so-called rodeo ‘cowboys’ during the 2019/20 season.
"When you tally up the number of injuries and deaths, it is obvious that the cost to the victims - the animals - is unjustifiable."
"It’s 2021. We live in a world where we have access to an endless number of recreational activities that do not include harming animals in the name of ‘fun’."
SAFE is working to end the use of animals in entertainment in New Zealand. In December, SAFE launched a petition calling for a ban on the worst aspects of rodeo. SAFE has also partnered with the Greyhound Protection League of New Zealand and Grey2K USA Worldwide to end commercial greyhound racing in New Zealand.

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