Auckland Transport Board handed petition in HazMat suits

Published: Wed 26 Aug 2015 08:06 AM
Auckland Transport Board handed petition in full Hazardous Materials Suit
Today community group ‘Ban Glyphosate’ delivered a petition to Auckland Transport Board in full Hazardous Materials suits to highlight the dangers of spraying Glyphosate for weed control. Spokesperson Georgina Blackmore said that “Glyphosate is a dangerous chemical linked to cancer by the World Health Organisation and Auckland Transport is risking our health for absolutely no reason”.
The petition organisers are concerned that affordable and safe alternatives to chemicals are not being considered seriously. Devonport has been spray-free for over 20 years and community groups want this extended to the whole of Auckland.
“For the first time we have reached a point where non-chemical weed management techniques are as affordable and as effective as spraying chemicals. Yet Auckland Transport are stuck in the past and willing to take risks with our health – and it has to stop.” said Blackmore
In March 2015 the World Health Organisation (WHO) reclassified Glyphosate as a Class 2A Probable Human Carcinogen after it was linked to non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and Chromosomal and DNA damage in human cells. Since then countries around the world have limited or banned its use. The Netherlands and France and cities like Chicago, Paris and Vancouver have all banned Glyphosate in urban areas since the WHO report.
This month Professor of Toxicology at Canterbury University, Dr Ian Shaw came out in an interview to say that he has changed his mind about the risks of Glyphosate and urged councils across New Zealand to seriously look at finding alternatives to Glyphosate (Round-Up).
"I want people to know that we have a choice. It’s not a matter of cost verses safety. We can have effective, safe and healthy weed-management today” said Blackmore.

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