Richard Northey Backs Higher Power Prices

Published: Fri 6 Sep 2013 09:10 AM
Richard Northey Backs Higher Power Prices
“Left wing local body politicians are fundamentally odd,” says Affordable Auckland Mayoral candidate Stephen Berry. “They’ll commit to the most grandiose of projects to win votes, even though the implementation of their goals will do the most damage to their core constituency; low income Aucklanders.”
Stephen Berry is referring to a campaign backed by Maungakiekie-Tamaki Councillor Richard Northey to have all existing overhead power pylons buried underground. “Mr Northey seems to think massive overheads can be imposed upon power providers with no consequence for consumers. With logic like that it is no surprise he is a socialist.”
Transpower New Zealand says the cost of burying existing power pylons will reach up to $15 million per kilometre. To put all 400km of its urban powerlines underground would cost in the region of $4 billion. Stephen Berry says, “This is left-wing aesthetic idiocracy at its worst. There is virtually no benefit whatsoever in burying an entire grid of power lines other than pleasing a small group of aesthetic avengers who recoil at the sight of any form of human progress. “
“Ultimately this ‘enormous effort for zero benefit’ public works project will achieve nothing more than hurting the poor. Few anti-progress sentimentalists have bothered to do the math on this project, though David Holm of Roskill Community Voice has made an attempt. He believes that because Transpower returns dividends of $500 million triannually to Government, this project is completely affordable. I can guarantee Transpower will not forego twenty four years of profitability in order to bury all existing pylons. Power prices will skyrocket and the worst affected will be low income energy users.”
“The other guarantee I can make is that the costs of this project will not be borne by Transpower alone. Auckland Council will have to shoulder a massive burden for the privilege of having its streets and footpaths torn up. I challenge advocates of pylon burying to supply a full ratepayer cost analysis for their policy.”
“It is easy for pie in the sky dreamers such as Richard Northey and his ilk to make such bold promises – his enormous council income will barely be impacted by the flow on costs. Those property owners and tenants on low incomes would be wrong to think the Labour councillor has their best interests at heart. Only Affordable Auckland is guaranteeing a cut in rates, more flexible zoning and genuine affordable housing. Affordable Auckland is the true champion of the low income power user.”
Stephen Berry is Affordable Auckland’s candidate for Mayor, Waitemata & Gulf ward and Waitemata Local Board. Other Affordable Auckland candidates are Heidi Bale for Whau Local Board, Peter Chan for Waitakere ward and Niko Kloeten for Franklin ward and Franklin (Pukekohe subdivision) Local Board.

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