Gaza: The Governmental Weekly Achievements 23/07/12

Published: Tue 24 Jul 2012 11:50 AM
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Press Release
Government Media Office
Ministry of Tourism denounced the occupation declaration that the Temple Mountain is part of Israelis antiquities.
Ministry of Tourism denounced the occupation’s declaration that the Temple Mountain is an integral part of Israel’s lands and subjected to Israeli antiquities law and the law of organizing and building. The minister considered these declarations as a public assault on the sanctities, a challenge to the Arab and Islamic peoples, and a try to put the entire world in front the policy of fait accompli. The Minister urged the international and local bodies and the human rights institutions to stop the Israeli attacks on Islamic holy sites and monuments and asked the Islamic and Arab nation to take immediate steps to support the city of Jerusalem and Al Aqsa Mosque.
Prime Minister responds to appeal of a family to save the life of her son.
The Prime Minister Ismael Haneya responds to appeal of a family that her son has an accident with a car that does not has an insurance policy in Rafah. The Media office at the cabinet noted that the PM gave the family a financial aid to cover the medical expenses by the governmental aid committee.
The governmental aid committee expands $ 136 thousands to 664 need family.
The governmental aid committee at the cabinet expands $ 136 thousands to 664 need family in Gaza. The media office at the cabinet issued a statement in which it noted that the committee offered 65350 aids to 457 needy families, $22600 to cover the treatment travel to 113 cases, $7800 as special aids to 9 cases. The head of the committee mentioned that all citizens have the right to get benefit from these aids based on the criteria and principles established by the Committee, confirming that the committee paid great efforts to help needy civilians and special cases.
The Government Media Office graduates the “documentary film” course.
The Government Media Office in cooperation with Fadel institution for media training has accomplished the “documentary film” course, 30 traning hours.
The target group was 15 employers from different ministries, institutions, and municipality. The general director of media production said that the course includes basic information about the various production elements, and stressed that the trainers were well qualified.
Ministry of transport reduces the fees.
Ministry of transport has confirmed that the decision of reduce the license fees is in force by 30% for private cars and 50% for public cars to alleviate the suffering of the Palestinian people under difficult economic conditions. The spokes man said in the program ” meet with officials” and as a part of ” building the country” campaign that the worked during the last years to control the traffic by license the vehicles, certify its documents, unify the number of vehicles, and to patrol the road safety and traffic awareness campaigns.
Ministry of Woman Affairs accomplished “safety family” program.
Ministry of Woman Affairs accomplished the first stage of “safety family” program within the program of the “coalition of women’s awareness”, where the ministry has honored contributors in the project, the trainers and trainees, and participation of associations in a ceremony held by the ministry at the Islamic University. The undersecretary review the important activities that the ministry did in order to help the women economically , raise their awareness, and held training courses so that she could bring a cohesive family. On the other hand the ministry held a seminar entitled” the role of the law in enhancing the role of women in the family and the community” which will help the women , highlight their problems and provide economical, cultural, legal assistance as much as possible.
Environmental Authority carried an environmental and educational camp.
Environmental Quality Authority in cooperation with Islamic Group and The Islamic Cultural Center carried out the first environmental and educational camp. They suggested during the camp to form a group of youth to take a part in protecting the family and called all youth to participate in activities that that serve environmental issues and indicated to the importance of improving the Palestinian environment.
Ministry of Health received the freed detainee Al-Sarsak and carried a medical examination .
Ministry of Health received the freed detainee Al-Sarsak at Al shefaa hospital where the medical staff carried out medical examinations , an take blood samples to make tests as well as they make diagnostic images, where he was suffering from abdominal pain and headache and disturbance of vision.
Minister of Justice headed a committee of ” releases lists”.
Minister of Justice headed a committee of ” releases lists” according to Prime Minister’s Decision to release some of the prisoners because of Ramadan. The cabinet asked the minister of Justice to prepare lists of names of prisoners who has spent two thirds of their term of imprisonment to be released besides giving others holidays to visit their families. The decision also recommended to trial the detainees who spent long period in the pre-trial detention taking into consideration their feelings after meeting the legal requirements.
Ministry of Education discussed with Italian delegation “the advantage of the Italian experience in taking care of the talented and those with special needs”
Director of Education and Special Guidance received an Italian delegation which includes a number of characters who working in the Foundation ” Music for Peace ”
The director stressed on the importance of get advantages of the Italian experience in looking after the talented and those with special needs , train the teachers and exchange visits with the schools abroad in order to exchange experiences. On the other hand, the minister of education received the solidarity Yamane convoy and praised their efforts.
Ministry of Education opens three new schools in a week.
Ministry of Education and Higher Education opened three new schools in a week, they are AlFalouja secondary school at the north, Heteen preparatory school at the east ans AL manfaloutee secondary school which are funded by Program of the GCC and the UAE’s business.
Minister of detainees congratulates the detainees’ sons who succeed in the general secondary school examinations.
Minister of detainees congratulates the detainees’ sons who succeed in the general secondary school examinations despite the difficult situation they underwent. These situations encouraged them to study hard and prove them selves.
Ministry of Detainee briefed a European delegation about the conditions of the detainees.
Ministry of Detainee briefed a European delegation about the conditions of the detainees and their families’ sufferings. He called the delegation to expose the Israeli occupation practices and work to adopt the issues of prisoners and their relatives at the European forums and form a public opinion against the occupation government

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