Taliban Kills 50 In Pakistan Mosque

Published: Sun 30 May 2010 11:21 AM
Taliban Kills 50 In Pakistan Mosque For Practicing Faith
Taliban extremists killed over 50 worshipers at two Mosques belonging to the Ahmadiyya Muslim community during Friday prayer services. Early reports indicate several hundred hostages.
The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has faced intense governmental and extremist persecution in Pakistan for nearly 40 years.
The Tahreek e Taliban Pakistan (TTP) is taking credit for the attacks. Terrorists attacked Bait ul Noor Mosque and Darul Zikr Mosque with automatic weapons and hand grenades while thousands of members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community were offering their Friday prayer services. Each had over 1,500 worshipers present.
Those Muslim groups responsible for the attack have broken cardinal rules within Islam, such as the Quranic directives: “And create not disorder in the earth” (7:57) and “whosoever killed a person …it shall be as if he had killed all mankind” (5:33). Islam condemns violence and the taking of innocent lives, and the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community rejects any claims from those who do so that they are following Islamic principles.
There is no place for violence of this kind in Islam, and Islam has no need for those who resort to violence in a so-called defense of their faith. “Reverence for life is a part of Islam,” said Nasim Rehmatullah, Vice President of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA. “The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community calls on the Pakistan government and other influential parties to dispense justice in the area.” The Ahmadiyya Muslim community sends condolences to the families of the victims of the tragedy.
These attacks against the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community are the latest in a history riddled with persecution. Since Pakistan's anti-blasphemy laws passed in 1974, over 100 members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community have been murdered for their faith. Roughly 5 million Ahmadiyya Muslims live in Pakistan without basic rights to freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Despite these human rights violations, Ahmadiyya Muslims continually advocate and work towards peace.
It is a matter of great shame for any civil society where evil instigators inculcate hate against Ahmadiyya Muslim community by attacking their places of worship. In the face of increasing violence in the Muslim world, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community’s worldwide spiritual leader, Mirza Masroor Ahmad, has exhorted members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community to “follow peace in your life.” Furthermore, the founder of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, emphatically declared that an aggressive “jihad by the sword” has no place in Islam. In its place, he taught his followers to wage a peaceful, intellectual “jihad of the pen” to defend Islam. Through his teachings, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has become the leading Islamic organisation to categorically reject violence and terrorism in any form.

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