Taliban Out of Control in Pakistan

Published: Thu 29 Oct 2009 03:13 PM
Pakistan, notorious in the world for patronising and nurturing terrorism, has today itself become prey to it. There is nothing new about terrorist activities on Pakistani soil. But the way last few days, the Pakistan based terrorist organisation Tehrik-e-Taliban has acted, it now clearly seems that perhaps no place in Pakistan is out of reach of these Taliban terrorists. The recent attacks by the Taliban at the headquarters of Pakistan Army and the ISI have in a way warned the Pakistani administration that a nationwide mission of Tehrik-e-Taliban has started. During last month, Tehrik-e-Taliban and its sister organisations have carried out about more than a dozen attacks in different important places of Pakistan, which resulted in heavy casualties.
The attack at the Army headquarters has really become as a shock to the Pakistani state. In the aftermath of this attack, the army has entered its 30000 troops in Waziristan, the stronghold of the Taliban. According to reports, the frightening fight is on between the army and the Taliban. There are reports of hundreds of Talibans killed in this anti-Taliban operation. Thousands of people have to leave their homes due to ongoing operation. While the winter season has commenced, the refugee count is also increasing very fast. As always, common people have to bear the brunt of this anti-terror operation.
Indeed, the same history is repeating itself in Pakistan which teaches us same lesson again and again that by promoting or patronising terrorism, oneself becomes its victim. Pakistan is facing the same truth. But continuously deteriorating situation in Pakistan is not only a matter of concern for its rulers; it has worried the entire world including its neighbours like India, Afghanistan and Iran. Some analysts are of the view that Taliban is now fully prepared for a decisive fight in Pakistan and Afpak border. Attack of Army headquarters, ISI office and serial blasts in a single city are all parts of its strategy. It is not difficult to think about the capabilities of these terrorists who can attack such fortified and sensitive centres of Pakistan. No place in Pakistan seems to be away from the reach of these terrorists, who are creating suicide teams on a large scale.
The question is that how much safe are Pakistan’s nuclear weapons from these Taliban? Or they are working on a secret mission of capturing nuclear weapons by engaging the Pakistan army in Waziristan and other disturbed places. These mentally ill enemies of humanity can go to any extent of crime and cruelty. Therefore it becomes necessary by all neighbouring countries of Pakistan including India and also for President Obama to give it a serious thought.
The members of the Tehrik-e-Taliban are shocked by the death of their head Baitullah Mehsud. After his death in a drone attack, the Taliban has assumed the Pakistan state, army and the ISI its primary enemies along with the US army. This is to be noted that the dead Baitullah Mehsud was the same terrorist who was behind the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. He warned her not to enter the country. But after she came back and was campaigning for the general elections, he got the great democratic leader of Pakistan eliminated. Besides, Bhutto’s assassination, he had committed many other serious crimes.
It is strange that these people talking of Jihad, Islam, Allah and Prophet kill the lady like Bhutto But these self appointed contractors of Islam cannot tell whether any such act of cruelty towards women happened during the establishment and spread of Islam? It seems that these Taliban have setup their own rules, according to which they are free to commit any vulgar crime in the name of Islam and Jihad.
Kidnapping, beheading of an innocent person by armed terrorists, earning livelihoods by opium cultivation and arrange weapons by such money, flogging and women, destroying educational institutions, attacking prayer houses of people having different ideology and faiths, killing innocent devotees are the activities of these self appointed protectors of Islam, which cannot even be linked to the activities of a devils’ group, leave alone Islam. In such circumstances, the holiest work is to get the world free of these criminals. Not only the US, India or any other neighbour of Pakistan, in fact the people of Pakistan should declare a war against these anti-Islam Yezidi forces. Any step against these forces is real ‘Jihad’ and it would be the true fight to save Islam.

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