Guam Is Doomed If We Don't Wake Up

Published: Thu 23 Aug 2007 12:15 AM
HILE everybody (from the governor, military officials, government officials, senators, the chamber of commerce, etc) talks about economic boom, job opportunities, political status, was reparations, social, cultural, and environmental issues, infrastructure, all the areas that will be impacted by this impending massive, catastrophic military buildup, I am going to talk about the truth of why the military presence is here in our homeland.
Since the talk began of the Marines' relocation to Guam, the I Nasion Chamoru has always been the most vocal, outspoken and loudest activist group-taking a stand against this movement of more military to Guam. When we protest, we don't hide. The core of Nasion is always there, strong and proud.
We have always known that even though the initial reports of how many Marines and their families are coming will be just around 8,000 ― now it is not only the Marines, but approximately 40-50,000 in military, dependents, workers, and businesses to "enjoy" our perfect location.
My concern is the "threat" that comes along with their presence on our beautiful island of Guam. While the United States is arming and preparing Guam for war, China is also building and modernizing its military forces.
The Chamber of Commerce on one hand is claiming that this military buildup is good for our economy, good for local businesses.
On the other hand, good business is not worth the threat that comes along with massive presence.
Since revealing that more military is coming to Guam, North Korea has already made headlines to target Guam. China has made headlines that if Taiwan proclaims Independence, China will target Guam first to contain the U.S. military here, because U.S. and Taiwan are military allies.
These are the reasons for all this increased U.S. military movement into the Pacific region. Not because it's to provide job opportunities. Not because of anything we can think.
How safe is Guam should there be a nuclear war between the United States and China? Only God knows that, nobody else! It does not matter whether you're a congressman, admiral, general, homeland security, etc. To say that we don't have to worry, we are safe on Guam because of all military presence here ― only God knows that!
My people, Guam is doomed for disaster if we don't wake up. Truly, we Chamorus are:
* free but subjucated (obra hit lao man-magas-ta siha)
* liberated but occupied (man-ma-libre hit lao ma-okupa talo)
* proud but 3rd class U.S. citizens (man-banidos* hit lao i mas tak-pa-pa na suididanon Estados Unidos hit)
* democratic but colonized (neodemocacia lao man-ma-kolonisa hit)
Todu este hu describe hafa na klasen estao na man-gaige hit pago! Para ta-fan man'nasetbe (expendable), ti man-impottante hit.
Fanachu Taotao Tano! Sa nuebu na ira manmai-mai-la komo tit a prutehi I direcho-ta!
Fan-ma-nai-tai! Si Yu'os enfanbinidisi todu! Biba Guam! Biba I Taotao hu I Man-Chamoru yan Pas Para Todu.
Maga'Lahi I Nasion Chamoru
Debbie Quinata
Maga'Haga -I  Nasion Chamoru

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