Iranian nation determined to defend nuclear right

Published: Thu 12 Jan 2006 03:04 PM
President: Iranian nation determined to defend its nuclear right
Tehran, Jan 5, IRNA
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Thursday said that the Iranian nation is determined to defend its right for access to nuclear technology and will not let the enemies deprive it of such a legal right. Speaking at a gathering of enthusiastic citizens of the city of Qom at the holy shrine of Hazrat-e Masoumeh (AS), he stressed that today those who have stockpiled nuclear, chemical and biological weapons in their arsenals and used them against defenseless people several times have claims over Iran and intend to deprive Iran of its inalienable right. "Given the belief of the Iranian nation and government that they are entitled to benefit from nuclear technology, by relying upon young scholars, Iran will employ such a technology in medical, agricultural, energy and industrial fields in the future," added the president. Ahmadinejad noted that the enemies of Islam bring up unfounded claims that they are skeptical of our intention to use nuclear technology without having any document proving Iran's deviation from peaceful purposes. "It is necessary to point out that not only do we doubt their approach to the issue, but that we are quite certain about their vicious intentions and are sure that they plan to deprive us of our legal rights," he said. The chief executive said that recently the hostile parties have even gone as far as questioning nuclear research in Iran.
Underlining that Iran calls for justice for the whole world, the president said that Iran will neither overlook its legal right nor allow the enemies to deprive it of such a right. Concerning Palestine, Ahmadinejad said that a number of occupiers have been shedding blood in this land for about 60 years, while others with unknown whereabouts assassinate the innocent Palestinians. "We raised a question about the justification of West and US for supporting the Zionist criminals. If the issue concerns holocaust in the past, the question is `who was responsible for it?' Since the leaders of these governments were involved in it, they themselves should account for it rather than making the Palestinians pay the price for such crimes," he said. "We just raised the question that if this is untrue and rather a historical lie, why do the defenseless Palestinian people get killed?" The president said that upon hearing such questions, the false advocates of human rights whose hands are stained with the blood of foreign nations tore their throats out and said, "Ahmadinejad is against human rights." Addressing these false advocates of human rights, the president asked, "Now that you are so outraged over the remark that the Mother of All Corruptions is near your borders, how do you expect the regional countries to put up with it?" Ahmadinejad noted that not only Palestine, but none of the Islamic states will tolerate the Mother of All Corruptions even for a moment. Addressing the Western countries, the president said,"Given you are so upset over hearing a slogan and resort to military threat, you are neither eligible to stake claim to human rights, nor are you competent to promote security and tranquility across the world.
" Being warmly applauded by people, who were shouting slogans, he nderlined that those supporting the criminals perpetrating crimes against the Palestinian nation have no right to shout human rights slogans. "Those trampling upon the rights of the underprivileged and confining freedom seekers in horrible prisons have no right to stake claim to human rights in their address to the oppressed Iranian people," said Ahmadinejad. Turning to people as victims of terrorism, he said that the same terrorists who martyred over 2,000 immaculate state officials in 1979-80 are now residing in the Western capitals and are supported by the relevant governments. Ahmadinejad noted that the countries opposing the nations' rights and human rights should stand trial before people and be brought to justice. "We are prepared to dispatch our delegations to Europe and the US to assess the human rights condition, security, police and prisons. "Similarly, they should examine the human rights in Iran, reveal the outcome to the world public opinion and let them judge," concluded the president.

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