We kill and are killed. They kill and are killed

Published: Fri 1 Oct 2004 09:59 AM
We kill and are killed. They kill and are killed
A Hebrew version soon at the site // òáøéú á÷øåá áàúø
Blood flows in the Gaza Strip. Ours and theirs. We kill and are killed. They kill and are killed. How to stop this madness?
Everybody knows that all the known methods have failed. Another invasion of the Gaza Strip. Another declaration that the strip has been “cut into three pieces”. More aerial bombardments. More “targeted” assassinations. More homes demolished.. More plantations uprooted – all has been tried. All has failed. Let us not allow bankrupt military and political leaders to lead us again into this dead end.
We are faced with a guerilla war. No government in the world has yet won such a war.
What to do?
The talk about “unilateral” disengagement must stop. We are not living in a vacuum.
No disengagement is possible without negotiations and agreement. Therefore a dialogue with the Palestinian Authority on the withdrawal from the Gaza Strip must start immediately.
There can be no disengagement "under fire". A cease-fire must be attained. The Egyptians have proposed it. They assert that they are able to achieve it. Ariel Sharon has rejected this categorically.
And beyond all this - a real peace process for a permanent solution must be started at long last.
There is somebody to talk with. There is something to talk about.
When people don’t talk – they kill and are killed.

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