Day of Israeli Aggression Leaves 6 Dead

Published: Mon 10 Nov 2003 11:27 PM
Another Day of Israeli Aggression Leaves 6 Palestinian Martyrs, Several Injured, 6 Houses Demolished
Israeli occupation troops killed five Palestinians, including two youths and injured several others during a massive aggression against Jenin and a nearby area in the West Bank. Occupation forces arrested Amjad al Obeidi a leader of Islamic Jihad in Jenin, and demolished six houses. Israeli troops killed two Palestinians Muatez Amouri 16 and Riyad Massad 30 as the troops penetrated deep into the village of Birkin near Jenin.
Two other Palestinians were seriously wounded as they were throwing stones at the invading troops. Earlier, Israeli occupation troops killed Mohammed Salah Abdel Rahman, 19, when they reinvaded Jenin refugee camp reinforced by some 20 military vehicles.
The occupation forces hit Salah when they opened fire on stone throwers confronting them. Palestinian medics and security sources said two other Palestinians, one of them a 10-year-old boy, were also wounded by the Israeli fire.
The other wounded was in critical condition. Israeli troops also broke through the near by village of Yammun pressing on with house-to-house searches that led to the detention of 10 civilians. This comes after a long day of Israeli aggressions that was focused in the eastern neighborhood of Jenin. Israeli troops nabbed a leader of Islamic Jihad.
Amjad al-Obeidi, 36, was wounded by hand grenades thrown at him before his capture. Overnight, troops dynamited the house of Obeidi. Palestinian sources said five other homes had been destroyed in the dynamiting, leaving 40 people homeless.
Al aqsa martyrs Brigades issued a statement in which it announced the martyrdom of one of its members - Mohammed Mustafa Abu Najmeh - in Jenin while two others were wounded overnight when a missile exploded during clashes with an Israeli unit.
Another Palestinian resistance fighter was martyred in clashes with Israeli troops in Balata Refugee camp near Nablus.
In Ramallah, Ramzi Garadat died of wounds sustained during an overnight Israeli invasion of the city several weeks ago.
In the Gaza Strip Israeli occupation troops killed two Palestinians early Saturday near the northern town of Beit Hanun, close to the fence Israel is building to separate Gaza from territories Israelis occupy since 1948.
The latest aggression as Palestinians held massive funerals for four of their martyrs - including a child - killed earlier Friday by Israeli occupation troops in the Gaza Strip.
Young children partook in the funeral of Mahmud al-Qayed, 11, who was killed by shrapnel from an Israeli tank shell as he played with friends in a rural area near al Mintar cross point.
In Khan Yuniss, another funeral was held for Nazmi and Mohammed Najjar belonging to the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades. Members of the resistance group vowed to stage more anti- occupation operations.
Four other members of the same family were also wounded in the aggression, two of them seriously. A third funeral procession was held in the central refugee camp of Maghazi for a Hamas member –Mu’min Mudari who was killed by Israeli troops when a fire fight broke out between Palestinian resistance fighters and Israeli occupation troops posted in the area.

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