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Published: Sun 18 Aug 2002 11:12 PM
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[1] The concerned pilots (attack on Gush Shalom continues).
[2] The court to decide in deportation case of two Palestinian workers
[3] Thursday, Aug. 22, solidarity vigil re jailed COs, Defence Ministry, TA, 6 pm
[4] Appeal: Outbreak of Hepatitis A in Palestine
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[1] The concerned pilots (attack on Gush Shalom continues).
The following appeared in Ben Kaspit's column of political commentary in the weekend supplement of Ma'ariv. Our commentt appears between square brackets.
(...) What truly infuriated Prime Minister Sharon this week was the news of graffiti reading "War Criminal" sprayed on the private cars of Air Force pilots, and the threats of the members of Gush Shalom to collect incriminating evidence against soldiers and officers involved in IDF operations in the Territories, and pass it on to international tribunals. On Tuesday [Aug.13], Sharon visited the Tel-Nof Air Force base and was surprised at how frustrated and apprehensive the senior officers are about this issue. First to raise it was the Air Force's Chief Psychologist who told of being approached by many pilots. She said the pilot were concerned, some of them "very concerned". Then the Air Force commander, General Dan Halutz, spoke out about a widespread "feeling of insult, concern and apprehension" among his officers. According to one of the participants, the pilots who spoke to Sharon were especially concerned at the possiblity that some years hence, after retiring from active service and going on a family holiday to, say, Green Ireland, they would find policemen waiting at the airport with war crimes warrants. The presence of Sharon, who had already undergone a set of judicial proceedings in Belgium (and seems about to be confronted with new ones soon) made the pilots' apprensions all the more sharp. At the cabinet meeting on the following day [Wed., Aug 14], Sharon seemed shaken when he recounted this experience to the ministers. "It is inconceivable" he murmured. "These people want to hand our soldiers over to the enemy" [sic - Sharon concept of "the enemy clearly seems to include European polic forces and international courts]. Defence Minister Ben Eliezer vehemently concurred with the Prime Minister. He also gets similar feedback from army officers, and he too is furious. This is the first time in the past weeks that the PM and his Defence Minister have found common ground on any specific issue. In both of their bureaus, withering criticism is heard about the Attorney General and his staff, who are described as "dragging their feet" in pressing charges against the "informers".
[So far, the Attorney General seems unable to find an article of Israel law according to which it is illegal to warn army offciers that their acts might be in violation of international law. However, given sufficiant pressure the AG might bend some law or another, or a brand-new law might be enacted as was suggested in a radio interview earlier this week by Justice Minister Sheetrit - who apparently is more worried about those who seek justice than about its violations.
Meanwhile there was also made a threat this week against Adallah, the human and civil rights association active on behalf of Israel's Arab citizens. Amram Bogatch, the govenmental Registrar of Associations made a public threat to "open an investigation against Adallah", on the charges that it "exeeded its mandate" by offering free legal counceling; that it is linked to a political party, namely KM Azmi Bishara's Balad Party; and that there are "irregularities" in the running of its finances. Bogatch made all these charges only in the media, making no direct approach to Adallah itself and of course giving the association no chance to answer his charges. By attacking Gush Shalom and Adallah a signal is given aimed at intimidating Israeli peace and human rights groups in general.]
[2] The court to decide in deportation case of two Palestinian workers
------- Forwarded message follows -------
From: "Shelly Nativ"
Deportation: please come and show solidarity
Mr. Magdi Nagar lives in the West Bank city of Beit Sahur (near Bethlehem).
He has lived there for seven years, and holds a Paletinian ID. He has committed no crime. He was peacefully working in Israel when the police brutally arrested him, and threw him in prison. He has been in Maasiyahu Detention Center for four months - without trial. But because he is in prison for 130 days, he cannot get his ID to show the Israeli authorities that he is a citizen of the Palestinian Authority. Therefore, the Israeli courts have ordered his deportation to Jordan, saying that he has not proven his Palestinian citizenship (hard to believe the absurdity of the situation).
His first petition to the courts was denied by Judge Moshe Gal in Jerusalem. The appeal to the Supreme Court was also denied by Judge Shlomo Levin.
But Attorney Leibowitz filed a second petition, and this petition will be heard on Aug 19, 2002 at 9:30 AM in the Jerusalem District Court .
This time it will be Judge Moshe Drori - and if there will be enough people, public pressure might succeed in preventing this illegal and immoral deportation.
Please come and show solidarity. It is very important to fill up the courtroom. This is the only effective way to save this man from a cruel deportation and prevent him and his family from becoming our enemies.
Remember the details: Date: Monday, Aug 19 2002 Hour: 9:30 Place: Jerusalem District Court, 40 Zalah ADin St. Jerusalem Judge: Moshe Drori
Shamai Leibowitz, Attorney-At-Law
Shamai Leibowitz, Esq Ben Gurion St 11A Givat Shmuel ISRAEL 54017 Tel: 972-3-5327772
[3] Thursday, Aug. 22, solidarity vigil re jailed COs, Defence Ministry, TA, 6 pm
With four of the Shiministim (Highschool pupils/ Seniors) at the moment in prison (Kele-4) (apart from the four jailed reservist refusers in Kele-6) there is going to be a solidarity demonstration at the Defence Ministry in Tel-Aviv, Thursday, Aug. 22, at 6 pm. More background on the motivation of the refusers will follow. Contact: Neta 052-830494
[4] Appeal: Outbreak of Hepatitis A in Palestine
------- Forwarded message follows -------
From: Huwaida Arraf
Date sent: Fri, 16 Aug 2002 21:27:21 -0700 (PDT)
August 15, 2002
To Whom It May Concern:
I am writing in appeal for international assistance in what could be a dire humanitarian crisis. The residents of Salem, a village near Nablus in the West Bank, are facing a severe outbreak of Hepatitis A. According to Dr. Ghassan Hamdan of the Union of Palestinian Medical Relief Committees in Nablus, there have been 95 confirmed cases in this village since the outbreak first began two weeks ago. Additionally, there are 9 confirmed cases in Iraq Bureen, a nearby community, and other unconfirmed reports of further infections in neighboring villages. Thus far, all 104 confirmed infections have been children. Dr. Hamdan asserts that recent damage to the village’s infrastructure is the most likely cause of the problem. Israeli military forces, while using bulldozers to place a roadblock on the main access road to Salem, have broken open sewage lines, possibly contaminating the area’s water supply. Another example of infrastructure damage is the dumping of garbage from nearby Israeli settlements in areas where villagers grow their food. Additionally, 58 consecutive days of curfew in the Nablus area have led to poor overall sanitary conditions, malnutrition, and lack of access to medical care, greatly exacerbating the situation. Due to lack of funding, the Medical Relief in Palestine is unable to provide the necessary vaccinations for the village’s residents. Dr. Hamdan warns that, while the prognosis for Hepatitis infections among children is generally positive, if the epidemic continues it may spread to infants and to the elderly, with potentially devastating effects. Therefore, the need for help in this situation is urgent. The major needs in this crisis are funding for the vaccine and assistance with transporting the medication to the Nablus area. The Israeli siege which restricts Palestinian movement, both within and between Palestinian towns, makes it almost impossible for local Palestinians to transport medical supplies and move in other emergency cases. We believe that the direct intervention of international aid organizations is crucial in addressing humanitarian crises in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Our teams of international volunteers and activists, along with our Palestinian partners, will continue to work around the siege to provide aid to those in need. Please consider helping us. Any organization or individual wishing to help with this crisis should contact the Union of Palestinian Medical Relief Organizations in Nablus at +972-9-238-7174. You can also contact Susan Barclay in Nablus at +972-59-877-091 or +972-55-829-680. Thank you very much for your attention in this matter.
Sincerely, Adam Stumacher
International Solidarity Movement
NB: Did it occur to you to write a letter to the editor (or if you are living abroad: to the Israeli Embassy) about the witchhunt against Gush Shalom - suggesting for example that the attorney general investigate violations of international law - and not those monitoring them? NB: Don't forget to include your address and phone number.
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