Ereli press briefing at Thurmont Elementary School

Published: Thu 20 Jul 2000 02:54 PM
Office of the Spokesman
(Thurmont, Maryland)
For Immediate Release July 19, 2000
Thurmont Elementary School Thurmont, Maryland 2:20 p.m.
MR. ERELI: Who has the honor of the first question, because I have nothing to announce?
QUESTION: Do you have anything more to say about North Korea? Have you guys had a look at what President Putin had to say?
MR. ERELI: On President Putin's remarks, Assistant Secretary Einhorn met with the North Korean delegation in Malaysia on July 10 to 12 to discuss the North Korean missile program. These meetings gave us an opportunity to exchange detailed views on our respective positions and to discuss proposals the U.S. has put on the table regarding North Korea's missile exports and to begin to lay the groundwork for making significant progress.
We also agreed in Kuala Lumpur to hold another round of these discussions as soon as possible, and we are seeking to arrange an early date. We look forward to concrete action by North Korea on its missile program to achieve real progress in addressing the concerns of the international community.
QUESTION: What about Berlin then?
MR. ERELI: Berlin. Ambassador Kartman is in Berlin to discuss the full range of bilateral issues between the U.S. and North Korea. His talks are scheduled to last from July 19 until July 21.
QUESTION: Is that it?
MR. ERELI: That's it.
QUESTION: Nothing on a possible meeting next week or anything like that?
MR. ERELI: I have no announcement about the Secretary's schedule.
QUESTION: What is the U.S. reaction to the Queen Mum's 100th birthday party?
MR. ERELI: I hope she makes it another 100 years.
QUESTION: Is there any more you can say about whether (inaudible) assessment was in any way an appropriate one for the circumstances and the information you have on the talks?
MR. ERELI: I would reiterate what we said, which is that what's important are concrete actions and that we're looking forward to scheduling another round of talks to continue to discuss the proposals and ideas we put on the table in our previous round.
QUESTION: I don't suppose you want to say what the proposals were?
QUESTION: Is the reason why you haven't announced the Secretary's visit -- or, meeting, rather, because we're still at the summit or because she hasn't decided yet?
MR. ERELI: I'll leave it at what I said. We don't have an announcement to make. Why we don't have an announcement to make is something I am not going to get into.
(The briefing concluded at 2:25 p.m.)

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