Cablegate: New Zealand: Commercial Sources of Mres

Published: Fri 23 Sep 2005 03:03 AM
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230344Z Sep 05
E.O. 12958: N/A
REF: STATE 175147
1. Per reftel, following is information on three companies
in New Zealand that supply ration packs or "retort meals."
The packs are similar to MREs, but do not include a heating
source. The pouched meals can be eaten cold, but normally
would be heated in boiling water or opened and heated over a
flame. All three companies supply the packs to the New
Zealand and Australian defense forces. The first two
companies have stocks on hand; the third company does not
but is capable of filling large orders.
Serco Project Engineering Ltd.
A) Serco Project Engineering Ltd.
B) Point of contact: David Montgomery, Serco Project
Engineering, Trentham Military Camp, Private Bag 905, Upper
Hutt, New Zealand; tel 011-64-4-527-5444; fax 011-64-4-527-
5192; cell 011-27-4-375-947; e-mail
C) NZ $25 (US $17.35) per 24-hour ration pack, enough for
one day for a military member involved in heavy activity;
otherwise, it could feed an adult for three days.
D) The packs are available in four different menus,
including beef and vegetable stew and chicken curry; beef
satay and lamb and mint gravy; chili beef with rice and
chicken pasta and vegetables; and, chicken teriyaki and
mushroom risotto. The packs also include high-energy snacks
such as fruit muesli bars and cookies; chocolate bars; tea
and coffee; chocolate drink; soup and crackers; and, muesli
E) If the packs were shipped via air freight, the estimated
time for delivery to the U.S. would be 24 to 36 hours.
F) Ten meal packs are packaged in a carton. Each carton
weighs 15 kilograms (33 pounds) and is roughly 600mm by
400mm by 250mm (23.6 by 16 by 10 inches).
G) The company could immediately provide 30,000 to 40,000 of
its 24-hour ration packs (possibly equivalent to 100,000
MREs). The company has a website:
Multi-Pack Ltd.
A) Multi-Pack Ltd.
B) Point of contact: Neil Duncan, Multi-Pack Ltd., P.O. Box
15192, Wellington, New Zealand; tel 011-64-4-380-9634; fax
011-64-4-380-9635; e-mail
Alternate point of contact: Garth MacIntyre, Multi-Pack
Ltd., P.O. Box 15192, Wellington, New Zealand; tel 011-64-4-
976-4814; fax 011-64-4-976-4581; e-mail
C) Cost would depend on the number and type of meals
D) The company offers various types of packs. As an
example, its "bush fire meal pack" includes a pouch of beef
and vegetables or mushroom risotto; beef or chicken instant
noodles; fruit muesli bars; sultanas; chocolate bar,
sweetened condensed milk; sugar; chocolate drink powder;
instant coffee; tea bag; and, a sports drink.
E) If the packs were shipped via air freight, the estimated
time for delivery to the U.S. would be 24 to 36 hours.
F) Thirty-two meal packs are packaged in a carton. Each
carton weighs 14.75 kilograms (32.5 pounds) and is 560mm
long, 380mm wide and 220mm high (22 by 15 by 8.6 inches).
G) The company could not estimate how many meals it could
provide immediately, except to suggest the number would be
in the thousands. The company's website is at, which lists additional types of
meal packs available.
Prepared Foods Processing Ltd.
A) Prepared Foods Processing Ltd. (PFL)
B) Points of contact: Jim Pendleton, CEO, or Dean Moana,
commercial manager; 117 Ruahini Street, P.O. Box 942,
Palmerston North, New Zealand; tel 011-64-6-357-1009; fax
011-64-6-356-1733; e-mail for Jim Pendleton:; e-mail for Dean Moana:
C) NZ $4 to $6 per ration pack (US $2.78 to $4.17)
D) Meal packs are put together on order; ingredients range
from beef to chicken to vegetarian dishes.
E) Because the company provides its ration packs based on
orders, it would take four to six weeks to manufacture and
deliver the packs to the U.S.
F) Forty meals are packed in a carton. Each carton weighs
11.24 kilograms (24.7 pounds).
G) The company's website is at Under
"Products - Types of Products" is a list of potential meal
2. As requested in reftel, post also will respond via e-mail
to OFDA.
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