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Published: Fri 10 Jun 2005 07:51 PM
This record is a partial extract of the original cable. The full text of the original cable is not available.
E.O. 12958: N/A
REF: A. STATE 102443
C. PRAIA 268
1. (SBU) Summary. On June 6, Brazilian Ministry of External
Relations (MRE) Africa Division Chief Joao Ignacio Padilha
and poloff discussed a number of joint USG/GOB coordination
projects in Lusophone Africa. Poloff and Padilha also talked
about assistance projects that NGOs and other Brazilian
organizations provide to Lusophone Africa and discussed the
strong economic ties between Cape Verde and northeastern
Brazil. End Summary.
The GOB's Proposal for Joint Cooperation
2. (SBU) During a June 6 meeting, Padilha told poloff that
the GOB is interested in coordinating a number of development
assistance projects in Guinea Bissau and other Lusophone
African countries with the USG. The GOB is aware of USG
development assistance programs worldwide, and Padilha
expressed the GOB's interest in working with us to implement
our existing projects in Latin America and Africa to Guinea
Bissau to begin these projects quickly.
3. (SBU) In Guinea Bissau, the GOB is interested in working
with us to implement a USG assistance program currently
underway in Senegal, Mauritania, and Niger to alleviate the
effects of last year's plague of locusts. Padilha noted that
the GOB provided crop duster airplanes, technical assistance,
and training to Senegalese government officials and aviation
specialists, and believes that the GOB could provide similar
assistance to Guinea Bissau. Padilha also expressed interest
in a USG project that promotes government transparency and
good governance in Nicaragua, Peru, Georgia, and Nigeria, and
asked if the USG and the GOB could implement this program in
Guinea Bissau.
4. (SBU) Padilha reported that the GOB is interested in
coordinating a congressional reform and political institution
building project in Guinea Bissau. He noted that the USG has
implemented a similar project in a number of foreign
countries and thought that the USG and GOB would be
successful in this area.
Brazilian NGOs and Institutions in Lusophone Africa
--------------------------------------------- ------
5. (SBU) There are a number of Brazilian organizations and
NGOs in Guinea Bissau and other Lusophone African countries
that provide development assistance to local institutions.
--The Brazilian Agency for Cooperation (ABC): According to
Padilha, ABC is implementing rice cultivation, professional
development, and AIDS awareness and prevention programs in
Guinea Bissau. Padilha told PolOff that the USG could
collaborate with ABC on these projects.
--The India, Brazil, and South Africa Dialogue (IBSA): The
first project of the IBSA fund, approximately $550K, will
promote agricultural development and sustainable farming and
rice cultivation techniques (ref B). Padilha told PolOff
that the USG is welcome to participate in this project once
the preliminary work has been completed.
--IPEA: The Institute for Applied Economic Research at the
Brazilian Ministry of Planning, Budget, and Administration is
developing a government transparency and financial
responsibility program for Lusophone Africa.
Other Brazilian organizations such as the Brazilian Institute
for Municipal Administration, the Getulio Vargas Foundation,
and the Superior School for Farm Administration provide
development assistance and work to strengthen local
infrastructures in Lusophone Africa.
--Ceara state government: The Ceara state government,
located in northeastern Brazil, has developed strong economic
and cultural ties with Cape Verde (ref C). A popular
non-stop commercial flight between Fortaleza, Ceara and Ilha
do Sal in Guinea Bissau has created strong economic ties
between the two countries. Since the non-stop flight began
in 2001, Fortaleza has become one of the preferred travel
destinations for Cape Verdians, including many
micro-entrepreneurs who purchase clothing and household goods
in bulk to resell in Cape Verde.
6. (SBU) The GOB expressed interest in working with us to
provide development assistance to Guinea Bissau and Lusophone
Africa. There are a number of Brazilian NGO and government
officials active in Lusaphone Africa, and the USG would
benefit from their expertise. Padilha's suggestion to
implement already existing USG assistance projects in Guinea
Bissau could reduce project development and implementation
stages and would allow us to implement our projects quickly.
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