Cablegate: Tip in Turkey: Interior Ministry Reports Details On

Published: Mon 28 Mar 2005 04:15 PM
This record is a partial extract of the original cable. The full text of the original cable is not available.
E.O. 12958: N/A
SUBJECT: TIP IN TURKEY: Interior Ministry reports details on
recent TIP investigations
1. (U) During a March 3 meeting with Mehmet Terzioglu, the
Interior Ministry's Head of the Department for
Foreigners, Borders, and Asylum, we requested information
on the following trafficking in persons cases appearing
recently in the Turkish media. The response received is
provided below, translated by local FSN employees.
2. (U) BEGIN TEXT:We received information that a Kyrgyz
citizen woman named Aida and a man kept some foreign women
by force at Eminonu Guvenlik Street, Senturkler Apartment,
No: 45, Kumkapi, Istanbul and in the evenings these women
were sold to men. An operation was carried out on March 12,
2005. As a result, the following happened:
Saneddin Vural, who was born in Mus in 1971 to the couple
Olena Kut, who was born in the Ukraine in 1977 but later
assumed Turkish citizenship and was registered in Kastamonu;
Olga Konuk, who is a Russian citizen but registered in
Dinara Amankulova, who was born in Kyrgyzstan in 1975 were
found in the apartment.
Amankulova stated that there were other Kyrgyz women working
for a woman called Aida. Following this information Kyrgyz
Nurgul Tokonbaeva;
Roza Raeva;
Zinagol Toichieva were captured.
During meetings later with Amankulova, it was learned that
Aida moved to another address about 10-15 days ago. She
said that she could show the address (apartment). It was
determined that this address was Cakiraga District, Abdullah
Cavus Street, next to Saglam Hotel. At this address we
captured the following:
Gulanda Sasykbaeva, who is a Kyrgyz citizen;
Gulzada Musabeeva, who is a Kyrgyz citizen;
Dina Joroeva, who was born in 1984 and is a Kyrgyz citizen
and who is also known as Aida.
Among these people, we found out that the victims were:
Dinara Amankulova;
Nazgul Tokonbaeva;
Roza Raeva;
Zinagol Toichieva.
In their testimony they stated that they were sent to
Istanbul from Kyrgyzstan by Aygul, the older sister of Dina
Joroeva, to serve as nannies and for cleaning houses.
They also stated that they were forced into human
trafficking by Dina Joroeva, Fahriye Bilic, Burhan Topuz,
Gulanda Sasykbaeva and Ferhat, Ilyas, Mahabbat (whose full
names not known), as well as by police officers Ali Satirli
and Ali Toprak.
They filed complaints against those people and sued them.
Gulzada Musabeeva said that she came to our country for
being involved in prostitution voluntarily, that she wanted
to earn money, and that she was not complaining or suing
anyone. Upon this development:
Dina Joroeva and Gulanda Sasykbaeva were arrested for being
involved in international human trafficking (TPC Article
201/b) and policeman from Eminonu Police Station Ali Toprak
was arrested for assisting international human trafficking.
They were put in jail.
Operations are underway in order to capture Fahriye Bilici,
police officer from Eminonu Police Station Ali Satirli,
Burhan Topuz, and Ferhat, Ilyas and Mahabbat (whose full
names are not known).
Operations are underway for Gulzada Musabeeva, who came to
Turkey voluntarily for prostitution, to leave our country.
Dinara Amankulova, Nazgul Tokonbaeva, Reza Raeva and Zinagol
Toichieva, who are the victims of human trafficking, were
taken under protection and necessary operations are underway
for putting them in the shelter in Istanbul.
Upon information that Uzbek citizen Umurzakovna and Nargiza
Osmanova, born to Nazire in Taskent in 1980 were involved in
human trafficking, we arrested six people.
We learned that the victim was forced into prostitution
earlier in Antalya and later was sold (to someone) in
Mersin. Ozmanova, accompanied by officials, was sent to
Following operations in Antalya, we found out the following:
A criminal gang that calls itself "Empire of Paradise" was
deceiving women coming from abroad to Turkey and forcing
them into prostitution. If women resisted, then they were
threatening them that they would be shot. They forced the
women into working by using torture. The gang took away the
passports of these women.
In coordination with the TNP HQs, the Antalya and Mersin
police jointly conducted an operation on January 3, 2005 and
the following happened:
Seventeen of the 25 people involved in the gang were
detained. Four were already in jail for other crimes. The
remaining four were at large and are still being searched
In the searches at the four places used as brothels by these
people and during the searches on their bodies, we found:
- Three pistols of different caliber and brand;
- Twenty-one cartridges for these pistols;
- A knife;
- Note pads on which they wrote down their daily revenue;
- Two passports that belong to the two foreign women.
During the operation, the following foreign women who were
victims and were kept by force were rescued:
Nargiza Yusupova, who is a Turkmenistan citizen;
Olena Lidvinenko, who is a Ukrainian citizen;
Tatyana Marchyk, who is a Ukrainian citizen.
As a result of judicial works on these people, eleven of
them were arrested and seven were set free to be tried on
The victims were put in the shelter in Istanbul on January
13, 2005.
Tatyana Marchyk on February 4, and Nargiza Yusupova on
February 18 were sent to their countries safely through
cooperation with IOM.
Olena Lidvinenko and Nargiza Yakupova are currently still in
the shelter and their needs are met there.
The Antalya Heavy Penal Court Number 1 at a session on March
1, 2005, ruled for the continuation of the arrest status of
the eleven suspects. The court also ruled for the search to
continue to capture the fugitive suspects. It adjourned the
case. END TEXT.
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