Cablegate: News Coverage of Secret U.S. Envoy's Visit To

Published: Mon 27 Dec 2004 04:40 AM
This record is a partial extract of the original cable. The full text of the original cable is not available.
E.O. 12958: N/A
SUBJECT: News Coverage of Secret U.S. Envoy's Visit to
Taiwan- full text translation
1. An article on the front page of the pro-
independence "Liberty Times" said (12/27):
Headline: "U.S. Secret Envoy Met with President Chen
Shui-bian: [There Is] No Change in U.S.-Taiwan
Relations. A Very High-Ranking U.S. Envoy Secretly
Visited Taipei Before Christmas and Thought Positive of
President Chen Shui-bian's Performance, and Stressed
That `Currently' There is no Misunderstanding Between
the United States and Taiwan"
2. Begin Text: "While the debate goes on over whether
current U.S.-Taiwan relations have changed
dramatically, a [Taiwan] high-ranking official revealed
that the Bush Administration sent an `important envoy'
who has the authority to represent the U.S. government
to Taipei. The representative met with President Chen
Shui-bian and expressed the attitude that U.S.-Taiwan
relations are stable and unchanged. The move indicated
that U.S.-Taiwan relations have not changed as rumors
"The official indicated that in the high-level secret
meeting, the United States was positive on President
Chen Shui-bian's policy statements since his May 20
inauguration speech. Regarding the legislation of the
`anti-secession law' started by the Chinese government,
the United States and Taiwan also conducted a related
discussion, inclusive of information sharing.
"The U.S. representative, who came from Washington and
was described as `very high-ranking,' arrived in Taiwan
a few days before the Christmas. The schedule of the
U.S. representative was completely confidential and he
left Taiwan after carrying out his mission. The
government, as usual, does not make any explanation nor
describe any detail regarding the envoy's personal
background. However, the official said `the more
cautious and more confidential, the tighter and more
stable the U.S.-Taiwan relations are,' and the United
States' sending of the person with representative
status simply explains everything.
"High-ranking communication channels between the United
States and Taiwan so far have been good. Even when
United States officials openly commented on cross-
Strait problems or on whether Taiwan is in fact
sovereign and independent, the `second channel' between
the United States and Taiwan is still good. U.S.
special envoy James Moriarty, National Security
Council Senior Director for Asian Affairs, traveled
back and forth between Washington and Taipei in order
to avoid transmission by a third party which would
cause distortion in the language.
"Sources said the United States felt that President
Chen Shui-bian has done a good job since his May 20 re-
election inauguration speech, the talk on the National
Day, and the ten-point conclusions in the November 10
National Security Council meeting.
"As some people in Taiwan worry about current U.S.-
Taiwan relations, sources said the United States
considered that `in the past' there were
misunderstandings on some issues, such as the
referendum. However, clarification is okay, and there
is no misunderstanding` for the time being'. The
United States in the future will be more concerned
about issues like Taiwan's `revising the constitution'
and will consistently pay attention to it in order to
`feel safe'."
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