Cablegate: Summer 2005 Intern Program

Published: Thu 16 Dec 2004 12:18 PM
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E.O. 12958: N/A
REF: STATE 226432
1. In response to REFTEL, Spain wishes to participate
in the Summer 2005 Intern Program.
2. Pertinent data is outlined below in the order
A. Number of interns requested:
Embassy Madrid - eight - one for the Economic Section,
one for the Political Section, two for the Management
Section, two for Public Affairs and two for the
Consular Section.
Consulate General Barcelona -one for Political/Economic
B. A 3/3 level of Spanish is required for all interns
except for the IM/MGT intern for whom Spanish is
preferable but not required. Barcelona requires
fluency. All interns are required to work a full time
40 hour/week schedule.
C. Other special selection criteria: The Economic
Section intern should have studies related to
Economics, Finance, Spanish or European affairs. It is
preferred for the Public Affairs Cultural Affairs
intern to have previous study/living in Spain. The
Consular Section interns will be working with the
public and must be able to work full time. Barcelona
prefers that its Political/Economic Affairs intern have
a background in economics, politics or international
D. Sections of assignment:
Embassy Madrid - Economic, Political, Management,
Public Affairs and Consular Sections.
Consulate General Barcelona - Political/Economic
E. Name and title post intern contact:
Madrid -Jose Salces, Human Resources Specialist
Telephone: 011-34-91-587-2328, fax 011-34-91-587-2229
E-mail address:
Barcelona - Josefina Guitart, Administrative Assistant
Telephone: 011-34-93-675-4285, fax 011-34-93-205-7764
E-mail address:
F. Specific duties/projects:
Economic Section - work on issues related to the E.U.
Draft/write reports, cables and correspondence, and
take notes during official meetings. Will be invited
to meetings, representational events and outside
Political Section - help update the annual human rights
report and work on other political topics/projects.
Management Section - One intern will be assigned to the
Information Management (IM) section. The intern will
help implement an improved quality management program
by assisting unit managers in drafting quality service
manuals and operational procedures and policies
documentation which are compatible with guidelines set
forth in ISO 9000 publications relating to acceptable
information technology industry standards. The other
intern will assist various management subsections with
a variety of projects. Some of these are: conduct a
comprehensive analysis of privileges and immunities for
USDH employees. Evaluate space allocations and use in
the chancery. Analyze work processes and draft SOPs.
Review and revise Management policy notices. Update
web design.
Public Affairs - The intern assigned to the Media
Relations Office will be asked to do regular press work
consisting of press releases, media reaction, reading
the newspapers and selecting clips and regular office
duties. The intern in the Cultural Affairs Office will
do regular cultural related work: research through
internet, help on special programs, updating of lists
and regular office duties.
Consular Section - while working in the Visa Units and
the American Citizen Services Unit, the interns will
screen and provide visa information to applicants and
provide assistance and information to American citizens
abroad. Interns will also work on special projects
such as evaluating and coordinating public information
disseminated through embassy and State Department web
sites, printed material and caller information
Political/Economic Affairs - intern will be responsible
for gathering economic and political data for both
regular and occasional reports. Will assist with
quarterly economic reports, compilation of biographical
data, etc. Intern will also review various news
sources (Aragon, Balearic Islands, Andorra, etc.) and
gather information as necessary.
G. Housing: Madrid and Barcelona cannot repeat cannot
provide housing. Estimate of living expenses is as
follows: meals and incidentals are similar to
Washington, D.C. Lodging expenses can vary from 450
U.S. dollars/month if an adequate room is found in a
family home to 2,800 U.S. dollars/month for a fully
furnished apartment in the city. Please note that it
is difficult to rent a moderately priced apartment in
the city for a less than a six-month period.
H. Visa requirements: none for a stay of less than
ninety days. If an intern is coming to Spain also to
study, a student visa should be obtained from the
Spanish Embassy or Consulates in the U.S.
3. Thank you very much for your assistance. Manzanares
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