FIFA World Cup 2006 : FIFA Statement

Published: Sat 8 Jul 2000 02:32 PM
Zürich, 7 July 2000 - In a reaction to rumours and speculation circulating after the FIFA Executive Committee had awarded the 2006 World Cup to Germany, FIFA has been in close liaison with the German Football Association (DFB) in an attempt to establish facts behind certain incidents.
As a first result of these investigations, FIFA has been informed by the DFB that a German satirical magazine, Titanic, has admitted responsibility for circulating a hoax letter to the hotel rooms of certain Executive Committee members the night before the vote, purporting to come from an unknown support organisation for the German bid and offering gifts in return for votes for the German bid. These letters had generally been dismissed by the members as not genuine.
One such letter had also been received by the Committee member, Charles Dempsey (New Zealand, President of the Oceania Football Confederation). Mr. Dempsey was quoted in the press the day after the vote as having told the Executive Committee that he had also received threats on his life in connection with the vote.
FIFA stresses that these and other such reports, including a comment by its own Director of Communications, were inaccurate. In fact, Mr. Dempsey had told the Committee before the voting began that he had come under "extreme pressure", as a result of which he had been legally advised to abstain after the first round of voting. He had not however made references to death threats.
Enquiries to be addressed to:
FIFA Media Office
Tel: +41-1/384 9595
Fax: +41-1/384 9696
FIFA Communications Division
Zürich, 7 July 2000
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