Irish Online Hotel Booking Engine

Published: Mon 18 Oct 2004 11:55 AM
Irish Online Hotel Booking Engine -Now built with 'Flash' intelligence
The time is now! Intelligent Internet applications are here!
Utilising the latest Internet protocol known as Action Message Format (AMF) a Software Company 'In1Solutions' from Dublin Ireland have deployed the first intelligent 'Irish Online Hotel Booking Engine' in Europe for the tourism industry that provides application rich information to a browsers screen instantly over a secure gateway. With over 2000 properties in Ireland (A preferd supplier to the 'Iish Hotel Federation' as well as to the largest B vendor 'Town and Country) embedded with its software, it is taking the market by storm. Hotels in Ireland include groups like the Best western, the Quality Inn and the Travelodge group.
The web application is a revolution in software that provides server-side communication via a transparent browser gateway. In other words, an application that can talk between the clients browser and the server on the web without a page refresh !
All current booking engines are limited by their HTML syntax and browser constraints for instance, there is no ability to see in advance what is available, typically users are crudely returned an alert stating 'Sorry this room is not available' or, Sorry you must have 2 adults if you want this room type etc, most users simply get frustrated with these so called intelligent online service and leave the site not knowing what is available or what the real cost is for the room.
The true benefits of this new intelligent booking software interface known as a 'Rich Internet Application or RIA' is a 1 page request verses a typical html step by step process (Check with server.... load new page.... and then check with server again and so on...) until you have completed all stages - what a drag. With a RIA the client can select the month instantly, see what rooms are available for that month instantly, select the dates, choose the number of adults while constantly communicating in the background with the server and all without page refreshing, its like having a deskstop application but in a browser!! This new technology not only provides the user with response information it saves huge amount of time. A person can simply book a room in a matter of seconds.
The web interface is deployed within a standard html page which contains a 'Macromedia Flash -MX' movie. When an object (known as a proxy object) in the RIA is selected by the client a message is sent to a container which darts of to the clients memory and retrieves the required information or sends a compressed server side call to an EJB that contains a database SQL query to return just that information only.
The technology behind RIA's includes a combination of J2EE objects and AMF (XML based SOAP) coupled with a flash remoting server like Jrun. The real advantage of this technology over standard html protocol calls is the ability to send and receive messages from remote calls using AMF, which carries information in binary message format optimized for the Action Script programming model. AMF is modeled on SOAP, which layers on top of standard HTML, which makes it suitable for all Internet application deployment.
In1solutions has been influenced by a number of NZ'ers ranging from the CTO, Dave Lemmon through to the Web designers, Mike Chapman, Andrew Court and Kim Riwai.
In1solutions is moving to Wellington Jan 2005 where the company hopes to duplicate its success very high ratios it established in Ireland states Dave Lemmon the Chief Technology Officer original from Waikanae NZ - we look forward to working with many properities in NZ in the coming year. The in1solution NZ team to begin willl be a mix of commercial and technical to cater for both areas of our business requirements - and will consist of Victor Garland - Commercial Director, Leanne McNaughton - Group Accoutant, Dave Lemmon - CTO and will be recruiting of a Sales manager in the coming weeks.
Case Study written by - Dave Lemmon CTO in1solutions Ltd Portal address: NZ portal address

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