Deadline For GE Submissions

Published: Fri 24 Nov 2000 04:00 PM
Hi! Please send this on to everyone you know.
The deadline to have your say on genetic engineering is 1st December 2000.
Thousands of people around N.Z. are now taking action to ban Genetic Engineering. Every voice counts.
It’s easy, fill in the form below and send it off!
For information on G.E. see below or visit , or phone 0800 4 GE FREE.
Thankyou on behalf of the movement against Genetic Engineering
Fergus Wheeler
G.E Campaigner,
1) What’s Happening?
2) Have Your Say on the Form Provided (as attachment Murray?)
3) Basic Information on Genetic Engineering
4) Getting Your Friends and Family Involved.
What’s Happening?
As you probably know, genetic engineering is heading into N.Z. fast and with a great deal of momentum.
Public submissions to the Royal Commission on Genetic Modification are due in on the 1st of December. This is the only official opportunity for people to send the Government a resounding “No” to the release of genetically engineered life forms.
The more people who write submissions and demand a GE free and organic future, the greater the chance our vision will come true! Submissions can be done really easily by filling in the form that comes with this message or by visiting and sending them off directly from there. Don’t forget to include your friends and family who are overseas as the submissions collected from other countries have huge importance as well.
It is important submissions are unique and express each person’s concerns. If you want to, you can copy your submissions to Greenpeace and we’ll send them on from here. We like to count them up!
A GE Free N.Z. is within sight, all we need to do is talk to people.
Submission to the Royal Commission on Genetic Modification
He Tapaenga Whakaaro ki te Komihana Tirotiro i nga Mahi Raweke Ira
Deadline - 1st December, 2000
Ko te ra kati ko te tuatahi o Hakihea, 2000
Name:…………………………………. Phone:……………………………………
Ingoa Nama waea
Address:……………………………… Email:………………………………….
Wahi noho Imera
What are the best strategic options for New Zealand regarding genetic modification, genetically modified organisms, and products.
(What I think New Zealand should do about genetic modification)
He aha nga huarahi e pai ana, e tika ana, hai whainga ma Aotearoa nei mo te wahi ki tenei mea, ki te raweke ira, tae noa atu ki nga tipu, ki nga kararehe, me nga taonga kua raweketia o ratou ira? (Ara ki ou na whakaaro, me aha tatou, nga tangata o Aotearoa e pa ana ki nga mahi raweke ira?)
What I think the benefits and/or risks of Genetic Modification are:
Ki a koe he aha nga hua pai, nga hua kino ranei o nga mahi raweke ira?
Signed:. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Date:. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
hainatia ana e I te ra
Fold this sheet to post.
Whetuia ki konei, kia pai ai te tuku ma te poutapeta.
If you wish to write more please do not continue on back. Use a separate sheet. Write on one side only.
Ki te hiahia tuhi korero atu ano koe, kaua e tuhi ki muri nei. Tuhia ki tetahi atu pepa, a me tuhi ki te taha kotahi noa iho.
Send to: Royal Commission on Genetic Modification. P.O. Box 3554 Wellington, or Fax (04) 495 9153.
Tukuna mai ki te: Commission on Genetic Modification, Pouaka Poutapeta 3554 Te Whanga-nui-a Tara, ka waea whakaahua ranei (04) 495 9153
Genetic Engineering
Let’s Stop It While We Still Can
Have Your Say, Now!
 Pick up a pen.
 Fill in the form
 Sign it.
 Send it.
Or have your say by email, visit
To order more forms, phone 0800 4 GE FREE E-mail
Turn Over for Information on Genetic Engineering (arrow)
Genetic Engineering
Lets Stop It While We Still Can
 G.E. organisms are unpredictable and unsafe.
 Their release would be irreversible
 They would undermine organic food production.
Myth: Genetic Engineering will feed the world.
Hunger and famine are not generally problems of lack of food but of unfair distribution of resources.
Myth: Genetic Engineering will decrease herbicide use.
Some G.E. companies have applied for increases in allowable toxic residues in food.
Myth: Genetic Engineering is good for farmers.
The future is in organic food production. International demand for G.E. Free, organic food is increasing dramatically.
Myth: Genetically Engineered food is safe.
G.E. food has already caused unexpected reactions and allergies. Long term effects on health are completely unknown
Personal Networking to Collect Public Submissions On Genetic Engineering
 Thank you for helping! We all know it’s important -there is no going back on G.E. releases.
 Start collecting today! All submissions have to be in by the 1st December deadline.
 We need a resounding “NO!” to the release of G.E. organisms released into N.Z.
 Everyone you care about should understand what is at stake. To remind yourself just how many people you know who will say “NO!”, go through current and past:
address books, Christmas card lists
flatmates, work mates, team mates etc
 Submissions need to be as thoughtful as possible. Scrawled one liners are worthless! A thoughtful sentence isn’t.
 If people need to take information away to read and think about before they write their submission, that’s good. But be sure you follow up and make sure they have their say.
 Remember, a submission counts for nothing unless it is actually posted or emailed. Wherever possible, get your friends to write their submissions on the spot and post them yourself.
You can multiply the number of submissions you generate by getting other people doing personal networking too.
Don’t assume anyone has already written and posted their submission – even people in environmental and health networks. People will need reminding!
Overseas submissions are important. You don’t have to be a New Zealander to have your say.
Use email networks – the Royal Commission actually prefers email submissions. You can send off submissions directly from
Handy Hints
Clear the end of the kitchen table and keep info, submission forms and a pen there ready for anyone who pops in.
Carry submission forms around with you.
Collect names and contacts of GE FREE supporters.
Thank you!
RESOURCES: 09 630 6317
Greenpeace New Zealand
Greenpeace exists because this fragile earth deserves a voice.
Greenpeace is an independent global campaigning organisation that acts to change attitudes and behaviour, to protect and conserve the environment and to promote peace.

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