Alarm: Live Animal Export Threatens New Zealand's Global Reputation

Published: Tue 10 Oct 2023 11:42 AM
The Animal Justice Party Aotearoa NZ (AJP) is sounding a critical warning about the potential return of live animal exports to New Zealand, a move that could bring untold suffering to animals and shockingly, many voters might not even be aware of this.
In 2021, New Zealand made a historic decision by banning live animal exports of cattle, sheep and goats. This progressive step was hailed as a triumph for animal welfare, demonstrating New Zealand's commitment to compassion and ethics when it came into practice on 30 April 2023.
However, there is a dark cloud on the horizon. The National, ACT and New Zealand First parties are actively advocating for the reinstatement of live animal exports, a move that the Animal Justice Party believes would unleash cruelty and damage New Zealand's reputation.
Lily Carrington, Animal Justice Party Hamilton East candidate speaks passionately on this. “Live export is nothing but ships full of suffering. These animals are scared and sick and only more suffering waits for them at their destination. Parties pushing to reintroduce live export are choosing profits over animal welfare. I encourage voters: reject cruelty, vote for a party that stands against live export.”
For Animal Justice Party one of the most troubling aspects is that many voters do not seem to realise that National, ACT and New Zealand First are endorsing a return to live animal exports. This lack of awareness is a significant concern.
Over 6200 people, many voters, signed a petition the Animal Justice Party started less than a month ago to show their support to retaining the current ban. The Animal Justice Party social media comments show a high level of feeling about this, “We fought to stop this – let us keep it that way” and “Signed, let’s pray National don’t get in [and] start this again.”
Many are disappointed by parties they may have supported in the past
“As soon as I heard National’s position on this my mind was made up!!! We must keep the ban on live animal exports a cruel industry!!! Do better National!!!”
“Signed. ACT change your ways or lose my vote.”
“This makes me want to NOT vote National. NO to live exports”
“I’m a National supporter and this is my number 1 concern the National may not support banning live exports!”
But there are equally comments from people who don’t realise this on the cards if they vote for the National, ACT and New Zealand First parties. Commenters stating there is already a ban in place are surprised to learn of this backwards thinking, “I thought this ban was a done deal after that ship sunk with thousands of live cattle on board. Disgusting.” Or they think that the Animal Justice Party is sharing propaganda, the Animal Justice Party certainly wishes that’s what this was.
Live animal export is synonymous with suffering. Animals endure arduous journeys in cramped conditions, often facing harsh weather, unfamiliar surroundings, and even death to arrive in countries where New Zealand has no jurisdiction over internal animal welfare. The Animal Justice Party is deeply troubled by the potential return of this cruel practice.
The Animal Justice Party is resolute in its mission to protect animals and promote ethical treatment. The party strongly opposes the revival of live animal exports and urges voters to consider the consequences of supporting parties that endorse such regressive policies.
Carrington again “Do National, ACT and New Zealand First voters truly support the reintroduction of live animal exports, as this move could have severe consequences for animal welfare and New Zealand's reputation. It seems such a backwards step for New Zealand.”About AJP
AJP was incorporated in November 2022.
AJP is a registered political party dedicated to advocating for the rights, welfare, and protection of animals. Their mission is to create a society where animals are treated with respect, compassion, and consideration. Through active participation in the political landscape, they aim to drive policy changes that reflect their commitment to a more ethical and sustainable future.

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