Auckland’s Gridlocked Commuters Suffer Bridges Syndrome

Published: Wed 7 Jun 2017 04:26 PM
Wednesday 7, June 2017, 4:00pm
While Transport Minister Simon Bridges complains of feeling 'extremely uncomfortable' then why is he and his office obfuscating over Kiwi Rail abiding the law by releasing what should be hailed as a bit of sweet comfort to commuters? A third rail line through the city rail incubus will take pressure off the city's strained transport infrastructure and should have been funded, not rejected and an attempt to keep the public kept in the dark.
He needs to show some much deserved respect to thousands of stoic Aucklander's stuck in road traffic gridlock on their daily commute. As a result Auckland doctors may notice an increase in the number of patients suffering Piriformis syndrome (numbness in the buttocks, pain often initiated by sitting for long periods). Is the Minister suffering from Piriformis syndrome, due to the length of time sitting on his hands rather than pulling finger and doing something about it?
“Being critical of the Ministers howling, but won’t front the media to explain. To also show respect to Auckland’s gridlocked commuters, then perhaps Piriformis syndrome should be locally coined ‘Bridges syndrome’, an irritable pain in the butt”, Mr Barr says.
I travel the logging truck crowded, broken roads of Northland south to Auckland like many do. Traffic congestion is ridiculous. The crawl starts further north by the month. Not helping is 800 hundred cars added every week by his Governments loose immigration policy.
"The devil is always in the detail, a $50 million budget funding bid was rejected to complete it, let's be perfectly clear about that." said Barr. NZ First leader Winston Peters called it correctly with his recent reference to this “National-led Government being vandals with the way they treat our nation’s railway.” It is more than a shame, it is a disgrace. So handle the jandal Minister Bridges. State your case however uncomfortable. Let’s have no alternative facts now.
With an election coming up there will be no hoodwinking all the enraged commuters. They may seek to relieve their own feelings of being extremely uncomfortable by voting to see you relegated to the Opposition benches.

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