Libertarianz Laments Another Drug War Casualty

Published: Fri 8 May 2009 09:49 AM
Libertarianz Laments Another Drug War Casualty
"The death of police officer Senior Constable Len Snee, who paid the ultimate price yesterday while fighting the government's War on Drugs™, is a tragedy," said Libertarianz Drugs Spokesman, Luke Howison. "No doubt the gunman responsible for his death will be justly punished," says Howison," but those in government who authorise and continually escalate the War on Drugs™, and those who voted them in, must also shoulder some measure of blame for Constable Snee's death.
"The government does not send New Zealand troops to die in foreign pest-holes fighting other nations' misbegotten wars. Nor should the government send New Zealand's police officers to die fighting the misbegotten War on Drugs™," says Howison. "Prohibition does NOT prevent drug-related harms. It causes Prohibition-related harms, including police casualties."
In this week's other news, notes Howison, celebrity Millie Elder has again appeared in court charged with possession of the class A drug methamphetamine. "Is Elder a P addict?" asks Howison. "If she is, then she needs help from friends, family and mental health professionals - not a jail sentence! If she's not, then her choice of recreational drug is no-one else's business."
"The double tragedy is that Constable Snee's death was in vain. Prohibition does not keep our families and communities safer," says Howison. "In fact it makes New Zealand a more dangerous place to live, by giving organised crime a monopoly on a multi-million dollar industry. Prohibition doesn't work. If it did, there would be no P 'epidemic'. Prohibition has not kept Millie Elder from using P. It has not reduced demand for P. Only a sensible drug policy, such as the Libertarianz Transitional Drug Policy, can do that."
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