The Anti-American President

Published: Fri 24 Apr 2009 03:43 PM
SOLO-International Press Release:
The Anti-American President
April 24, 2009
Fewer than 100 days into his presidency, Barack Chavez-Obama is shaping up as treasonous, says SOLO Principal Lindsay Perigo.
"This is a President who has just re-opened the door for the prosecution of those who in good faith advised that the 'waterboarding' of terrorist trash post-9/11 would be legal. That technique subsequently extracted information that saved Los Angeles from a similar attack.
"This is a President who releases classified information about that technique and withholds information about its success.
"This is a President who has outlawed that technique (which, though distressing—oh, poor terrorist trash!—is neither injurious nor life-threatening).
"This is a President who has officially changed the name of the War on Terror to 'Overseas Contingency Operation' so as not to offend terrorist trash.
"This is a President who is willing to sit down unconditionally with the President of the world's #1 sponsor of terrorist trash, Iran, even as that country proceeds with impunity to acquire nuclear weaponry.
"This is a President who preaches nuclear disarmament at the United Nations knowing North Korea is about to fire a long-range missile over Japan.
"This is a President who bows to the King of Saudi Arabia and beams at Hugo Chavez.
"This is a President whose economic policies are significantly similar to Chavez's.
"This is a President on whose watch the Department of Homeland Security fantasizes about 'threats' from war veterans who 'might' become 'right-wing extremists.'
"This is a President who believes anyone who adheres to America's founding ideals is a 'right-wing extremist.'
"This is a President who trashes his country while overseas, apologizing to European socialists (whose countries America rebuilt) and Latin American communists for America's 'arrogance' and 'dismissiveness.'
"The Department of Homeland Security would be better advised to worry about the threat to America posed by its President. He is making it more vulnerable to external attack while personally unleashing an internal attack on its core values.
"Chavez-Obama's credentials as an anti-American may be unimpeachable, but he'd do well to remember that he is not," Perigo concludes.

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