Bring Back HUAC

Published: Tue 2 Dec 2008 01:39 PM
SOLO-U.S. Op-Ed: Bring Back HUAC
Glenn Jameson
December 2, 2008
In the last week I've seen two more films that have left me wanting a Senator with the kahunas to reinstate HUAC and root out the Hollywood writers, actors and studio execs guilty of wholly un-American activities.
Exhibit A: Rendition, a tale about an innocent Arab-American wrongly abducted by the CIA Extraordinary Rendition team. The filmmakers use every emotional tool to squeeze out the sympathy for the victim: he's a super-nice, well educated family man with an attractive Caucasian wife who's about to give birth to their second child. It's clear from the outset that he's innocent. He receives a couple of random, wrong number calls from a Jihadist responsible for the death of a spook somewhere in "North Africa" and is intercepted at the airport on his way home. The ensuing torture is excruciatingly explicit. The bad guys in this film aren't the terrorists; they're a female Senator seeking revenge for the death of the spook, and a mean North African torturer seeking revenge for the death of his daughter. The 'hero' of the film is a young CIA case officer thrust into the job of overseeing the interrogation, who spends the entire film being torn apart by the moral conflict.
We're at war for Christsake! Throughout the 1940s Hollywood made patriotic films that supported the war effort. Can you imagine Bogart and Hepburn starring in a film about a German who was wrongly accused of being a Nazi?!!
Exhibit B: The Day After Tomorrow, a tale about a nation of greedy Americans who've raped the planet and caused a catastrophic imbalance in the Earth's fragile ecosystem. A greenie climatologist uncovers evidence that the world is about to plunge into an instant ice age, but a Vice President Cheney lookalike poo-poos the claim and dismisses any action on the basis that it'll cost Americans billions. Within 48 hours a massive storm buries the northern hemisphere under 500 feet of snow. Throughout the film, as Gaia wreaks her revenge, we're shown just how bad Americans really are in a series of ironic reversals: a homeless man, cruelly written off by society, shows the survivors how to use paper to insulate their clothing; great books in the Library of Congress are burnt for warmth to show us just how worthless our wealth of knowledge is as a result of our hubris; millions of illegal American immigrants flood across Mexico's border to escape the unprecedented freeze. Finally, when the President dies in the blizzard, President-elect Cheneyish clears the Mexican's debt, and declares to the world that he's seen the error of his wicked global warming ways.
Through science and technology America has saved the lives of millions, and increased the lives and quality of life of millions more, and yet it seems many of the Hollywood elite can only see damage and damnation. Their solipsistic self-hatred is polluting minds and self-inflicting horrific injury to the reputation of the world's greatest nation. Someone needs to get out the blackball and bean these Un-American A-Holes before they convince the rest of America to elect a lily-livered-liberal who'll cast them back into the dark ages... oops, too late.

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