Rudd's Victory—Symptom of a Lobotomized Nation

Published: Mon 26 Nov 2007 09:58 AM
SOLO-Australia Op-Ed: Rudd's Victory—Symptom of a Lobotomized and Amoralized Nation
Hilton Holder
November 26, 2007
If you were to conduct a nationwide poll amongst average Aussies as to whether a man should be sent to jail for stealing a loaf of bread, the answers will tragically reveal that most individuals have become as amoral as crack addicts.
The typical answers you could expect are that it's always OK for someone to steal bread provided he steals it from someone who has enough bread for himself; or, provided the thief suffers from some sort of social handicap: he's poor or black or a midget or a moron or has some condition that just isn't his fault.
You may be stunned when you finally realise that most around you are perfectly willing to steal from you, and what's more, they also claim to have a moral justification.
How is it then that most of our fellow-citizens fail to recognise that each individual has an inalienable right to hold onto his own bread, no matter how much money he makes and regardless of the size of the chip on the thief's shoulder?
It's simple. Most people have never even given the concepts of right and wrong a moment's thought. They simply absorbed their ideas from their parents, their teachers, their priests and others around them.
Yep, it's a fact. If your dad was a wharfie and a unionist and thought it OK to lift whatever he could from "the bosses," in all probability, so will you. Had you been raised amongst socialists, would you not have joined a political gang who promised you a "bigger share of the pie"? Let's say you were brainwashed by the current "Green" agenda of the teachers' union; would you not have voted for old Bob?
If I'm wrong about this, how is it possible that Rudd, Howard or even Brown could promise you something like "free Broadband" with a straight face, despite the fact that you and they all know that they would have to extort these services from hard-working Broadband providers at the point of a gun (read progressive taxation) in order to deliver it?
And what of other scams like free maternity benefits, free healthcare, free after school care, free guaranteed jobs, free guaranteed wages, free guaranteed holidays, free baby bonuses, free Kylie Minogue CDs, etc.?
Now is that theft? And is it right or wrong?
Here's the wrap. It's theft, ladies and gentleman! Plain old theft by plain old thieves ... no matter how you dress it up. And the fact that everyone's in on it also doesn't make it right.
"But it's democracy!" you may cry ... and should you ever have given any thought to the concepts of right and wrong, it's right there that you should make the choice to stand your ground against one or a million and shout, "No! Unless my life and my property are protected from my thieving brothers it's just a scam!" But you haven't and you don't.
Why don't you? Because you've been lobotomised and amoralized, that's why. You've heard the infamous lie of "it being better to give than to receive" since you were born; and let's not mention its even uglier twin brother that says it's OK for you to steal if enough of your mates are also doing it.
"But it's the scumbag politicians," you may say—"they run the system." Yes, but with your consent—and if you want to reclaim your status as a moral being you have to put them on notice that you have changed your personal policy, and that on principle you now refuse to accept stolen goods as a bribe for your vote.
"But its impossible for me to change the system. I'll be the only one." Wrong!
There are thousands of us who want to bury this scam, and who are so desperate for the sight of a politician who promises to do his job and protect us from criminals rather than claiming how he'll be even more ruthless at stealing from us, if only we vote for him so he can be in charge of our guns for a term.
If you believe right and wrong are choices that matter, and you're sick to death of being an unwitting accomplice to this political scam, we urge you to come and discover the revolutionary ideas of Ayn Rand at, ideas that could be destined to turn you into a moral being, perhaps for the first time in your life.

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