Charlie’s Voluntarily Removes Fireworks Ad

Published: Fri 2 Nov 2007 11:35 AM
Charlie’s Voluntarily Removes Fireworks Ad
Irreverent Kiwi beverage company Charlie’s is responding to concerns from the New Zealand Fire Service around one of the company ’s latest ads by voluntarily removing the commercial from television screens.
The animated ad features an eight-year-old Marc Ellis and his mates enjoying Guy Fawkes by setting off fireworks back in the days when double-happys could be bought at dairies and the neighbours letterbox was considered an ideal fireworks target.
Whilst the television ad for the newest Charlie’s range,Charlie’s Soda Co was aimed at adults remembering the very un-PC fun they used to have as children, the company was more than willing to remove the ad upon the request of the Fire Service.
“Charlie’s Soda Co . and the ad are all about those good old days when you and your mates did muck around with fireworks and as the ad says,“only morons would hold double -happys in your teeth .It ’s not that we are trying to say kids these days should do those things – they can ’t even buy fireworks anymore after all.We just reckon it ’s a shame if we can ’t look back on those days and have a bit of a laugh,” says Ron Curteis, Marketing Manager of Charlie’s Soda Co.
The ad is one in a series of three cartoon commercials and prior to the campaign launch Charlie ’s ensured they had all been approved by the Television Commercial Approvals Bureau – the body that certifies ads are able to be played on television.Having done this, Charlie’s felt confident the commercial would not be in breach of the Broadcast Standards.
“But we know the Fire Service is simply concerned about the safety and wellbeing of all New Zealanders and we support them in that.
“We sincerely hope they,and the rest of the country,have a safe and fun Guy Fawkes Night,”Ron says. The other two ads in the series will still be screened on television and on the Charlie’s Soda Co.

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