Discovery of Real Treaty Exposes Waitangi Racism

Published: Mon 14 May 2007 11:46 AM
Discovery of Real Treaty Exposes Waitangi Racism.
By Libertarian Independent candidate for parliament Tim Wikiriwhi.
The crowns “Treaty 2 you” road show presently touring the country is perpetrating a giant fraud on New Zealanders by teaching a distorted view of history according to Libertarian Independent Tim Wikiriwhi.
He said that the road show was propaganda designed to legitimize the current treaty settlement process and racist laws favoring Maori, driven by the racist radicals like the Maori Party and corrupt socialist doctrines of Indigenous rights coming directly out of the U.N.
He said both Labour and National are guilty of imposing this racist I
deology upon us all. “The controversy surrounding the treaty is simply a convenient barrow from which to pedal this underlying socialist agenda. This can be seen by the fact that indigenous rights are undermining countries around the globe like Fiji which have no such treaty and also by the fact that the real treaty of Waitangi has been found and it’s authenticity verified, yet the Labour government and the mainstream media have chosen to ignore such any important historical document” he said.
Mr Wikiriwhi bases his statement upon the work and evidence being presented to the public by the One NZ foundation, a courageous and steadfast group dedicated to revealing the truth about the document known as the Littlewood treaty which they say is the real and final English draft of the treaty of Waitangi penned by James Busby under direction from Hobson on the 4th of February 1840.
This important document was lost until 1989 when it was discovered amongst private possessions of descendants of 1840’s solicitor Henry Littlewood.
The One NZ foundation have been trailing the Crowns treaty road show and speaking to who ever is willing to listen, yet have received poor response from the mainstream media.
Marin Doutre, an author and respected archaeologist argues that the true interpretation of the Maori version of the treaty must correlate to the final draft of the English version from which it was translated, and that the modern interpretation of the Maori treaty driving the treaty industry is a gross fabrication designed to undermine the principle of equality embodied in the treaty.
Mr Wikiriwhi said the evidence presented by the One NZ foundation ought to receive the highest investigation by parliament and the people of New Zealand and singled out author and activist for ‘one law for all’ Ross Baker, and Northland farmer Alan Titford who had his farm confiscated via the treaty settlement process, and Martin Doutre, as tireless heroes of justice and equality before the Law.
Mr Wikiriwhi said since the departure of Don Brash, National is no longer pursuing one law for all and ought to be ashamed of themselves!
Mr Wikiriwhi appeals to the people of New Zealand to get behind the One NZ foundation and help them end Waitangi racism and achieve justice.
Tim Wikiriwhi Libertarian Independent

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