A New Baalism

Published: Mon 6 Dec 2004 09:37 AM
6 December 2004
A New Baalism and the cultic priests and priestesses of the Labour government Garnet Milne
New Zealanders have witnessed a sad step towards changing our culture after hundreds of years of Christian values which arrived in New Zealand with Samuel Marsden and other missionaries to this once pagan land. Now society has almost turned full circle and the nation has returned to pagan values. The essence of paganism is the creation of a system of morality which is compatible with man’s fallen sinful nature.
Typically this system includes evils such as infanticide, cannibalism, homosexuality, widow strangling and human sacrifice. Pagans create gods so that the authority for such behaviours has the appearance of an other-worldly or supernatural justification. We have seen the creation of a new twenty-first century god by the neo-pagans who dominate the Labour party and the Greens. Their god is not made of wood or metal, but it is a fabrication and no less real than the many wooden gods which litter the fractured history of backward and failed non-Christian societies.
The ancient pagan god dispensed his morality through his priests and priestesses. Unsurprisingly these cultic prostitutes were often homosexuals. What then is the god of the modern social liberal who voted for the Civil Union Bill yesterday? What we need to understand is that a pagan god is always the same god. That god is the god “hedonism”. Hedonism is self-gratification or pleasure-seeking. You get the picture. In the ancient near East the name Baal was given to an assortment of gods created after man’s own image.
The Baal worshippers engaged in orgiastic sex rites; cultic male and female prostitution at its temples; passed children through fire and offered up children as sacrifices.
What has this got to do with the Labour government, the Greens and those who support them? Baal is worshipped at the trough of human lust as vigorously today as at any time in human history. Sex is still at the centre of the neo-pagan worship. It is not without significance that the Chief Film Censor is a practicing homosexual, and his office is dominated by homosexuals and lesbians. It is equally clear that this is why the perverted sex is being passed by the censor’s office.
After all the neo-pagan wants to gather as many proselytes as he can to his religion. In late July this year a filthy film entitled “Irreversible” was passed for adult theatrical viewing (R18) by the Chief Censor. And as we would expect it contains graphic and brutal sodomy. A woman is sodomised and raped by a homosexual male in a central 10 minute segment.
The same Labour government which maintains homosexuals in positions which ensure the corruption of morality has also decriminalised prostitution including pimping and brothel-keeping. Male and female cultic prostitution with all its diseases; drug abuse and crime are in place to help in making New Zealand a moral wasteland. Men and women kill children outside their mother’s womb and within it on the altar of hedonism. Apparently it is a valid reason to kill a late term unborn baby because the mother is not going to have enough money to purchase her alcohol, go on a holiday or practice her sport. How different is this from the practices of ancient baalism? There is no difference. Innocent babies are killed screaming with pain inside the mother’s womb; a cruel parallel to the passing of children through fire in ancient Canaan.
The Civil Union bill is marketed as ensuring human rights. No human has the right to sodomise or to thumb their noses at God’s revealed will which condemns such practices. And no government has the right to “normalise” wickedness. The Bible reveals that governments are to be agents for good, not for evil (Rom. 13:4), therefore in legislating for evil, this government has lost any moral authority it may have possessed to govern the people of New Zealand.
Paganism has returned to this nation and with it the very threat for Christians to promote biblical Christianity. In Elijah’s day pagans longed to destroy the prophets of the true God. This week many of us, including opposition politicians, have seen the spectre of persecution of the followers of the one true faith by pagans. Christians, we were told by Bill Hastings the Chief Film Censor on national radio this week, who believe that homosexuality is sin are not conservatives but “bigots”. This shows us why this homosexual wants to flood our streets with pornography. He has no respect at all for millions of decent New Zealanders who abhor his immorality.
We have seen the government’s agenda to persecute Christianity when it appoints a transsexual to the Human Rights Review Tribunal; a man who has denounced all Christians and who has threatened to pursue the figures behind this campaign for “hate crimes”, merely because they have spoken out against homosexuality and civil unions from a biblical viewpoint. We have read of homosexual MP Tim Barnett’s intention to criminalise “homophobes”. By this he means that those who criticise homosexuality are spreading hate.
Another characteristic of baalism has always been dishonesty. We have seen the lies of Baal in the report of the select committee back to Parliament. Barnett falsely claimed that no submitter had argued that they were personally affected by the normalisation of homosexuality. This is a lie, because in the written submission of the Reformed churches political committee we expressly stated that all New Zealanders, that also means myself personally, have been affected by the economic costs of dealing with AIDs, and other diseases transmitted through homosexual sex.
Society at large is affected by the spread of AIDS through the exposure of innocents to the disease (e.g. haemophiliacs, whole blood recipients, police, ambulance, rescue personnel) and the profound economic costs that influence us all, even though we might not be personally afflicted by the disease itself.
We also conveyed our concerns, which deeply affect all Christians, that the endorsement of homosexuality by way of government legislation means that homosexuals will be eternally lost. Obviously Tim Barnett had switched off at that point. The eternal damnation of one soul affects all God’s people personally and profoundly, though it is of no concern to the neo-pagan.
Another lie was the claim that there was no evidence to show that children of civil unions were disadvantaged. The committee cited a ten year old report and ignored the 2004 Vermont study which shows that civil union parents seen children on average little more than for two months a year while heterosexual parents see them for 7-11 months. But we should expect this because worshippers of Baal are inherently dishonest.
We should also remember that those so-called Christians like Rev, Dr Margaret Mayman who side with neo-paganism are not Christians at all. They are baalists who commonly support abortion, prostitution and homosexuality. They do not represent Christ in any way. Our Lord tells us soberly in Matthew 25:46 that the unrighteous will go to hell and the righteous to eternal life: "These will go away into eternal punishment, but the righteous into eternal life." Yes Jesus taught that there is a hell and through His apostle, whom He promised to lead into all truth, that the promoters and practitioners of homosexuality are among the unrighteous (1 Cor. 6:9).
What the cultic priests and priestess of Baal will not tell you is the destructive nature of their hedonism. When MPs voted yesterday for the Civil Union Bill they were voting for the increase of suicide among the many more homosexuals who will now be sucked into this valley of death. It was a vote for anal sex and the spread of AIDs and the unhappiness of countless parents and families.
But the Christian knows that baalism will ultimately be defeated. We read of this in Scripture occurring on Mount Carmel. And the modern Baal worshippers know instinctively that they are living on borrowed time. Even Barnett has acknowledged that “We will not have a queer-friendly government forever”. That is true and whatever ungodly legislation the baalists have imposed upon our society, it will one day be reversed. We will be actively and vocally working for that day, and we will continue to highlight the evils of neo-paganism and her priests and priestesses, though we may be persecuted for it.

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