ACT - Classically Illiberal Stinkers

Published: Wed 18 Jun 2003 06:11 PM
ACT - Classically Illiberal Stinkers
Libertarianz spokesman Stephen Berry was left picking his jaw up today after reading comments from ACT's Muriel Newman, who has attacked Labour again over their handling of the methamphetamine 'epidemic.'
A week after publication of a tome lauding ACT's so-called 'liberal thinking,' ACT's police spokesman is calling Labour's inaction 'unacceptable.' Quoth Newman: "This slow moving, soft-on-crime Government has already taken far too long to join the war on drugs." Berry - who says he is a "genuine classical liberal" - can only throw up his hands in horror at how anyone could call themselves 'liberal' while defending such an openly 'Nanny-knows-best' position as Newman's. "Any person who openly advocates a war on people of whom they disapprove could be called many things, most of which are uncomplimentary, but they can not be called 'classical liberal.' They are an authoritarian.
"I had always thought that classical liberals supported individual freedom and ownership over your own body and life," Berry says. "Now, either I am mistaken about what a classical liberal is, or Newman truly has no political integrity. No prizes will be awarded for the correct answer."
"For once, Labour's inability to do anything properly is proving beneficial to individual freedom," Berry says. He suspects that this is because the Labour MPs are "genuinely incompetent rather than suffering a sudden attack of classical liberal conscience - as ACT should begin to do!"

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