A Politically Correct Week

Published: Tue 3 Dec 2002 09:12 AM
A Politically Correct Week
A Column By Greg Flemings
Monday morning I was talking to a friend who expressed his growing anger at political correctness – “it’s like a form of censorship” he said, “by attacking dissenting views it effectively shuts down debate". He had recently written a column in which he joked about the Taniwha holding up the new Hamilton motorway. Big mistake – the PC police had been stomping him ever since. A white middle-class male suggesting that there should be one set of rules for everybody. Perish the thought. Where does a man derive such intolerant, discriminatory ideas?!
Pause. Question. Can you imagine how long it would take for the men in white coats to arrive if a Pentecostal Christian opposed a new skyscraper on the basis that a demonic principality was hovering over the city?
Tuesday I forwarded to a few dozen contacts a speech that Roger Kerr (of the Business Roundtable) had given in which he articulately questioned some of the ideas behind the ‘sustainability’ debate. With hindsight I would have been safer practising witchcraft in Salem. ‘The Business Roundtable!’ screamed the PC brigade! Greg – you’ve bin fraternising with the deevil!
Wednesday I read in the Daily Mail about the UK police’s new ‘diversity’ unit. Their role is to enforce correct thinking and so they want Londoners to dob in each other for ‘discriminatory’ abuse directed towards minority groups. Apparently this new unit is already putting runs on the board. Robin Page, a former TV presenter has been accused of ‘bombarding visitors with pro-hunting propaganda’ at a country fair in Gloucestershire. In his speech he said that country folk had the same right to protect their own culture as minorities had to protect theirs. ‘If there is a black, vegetarian, Muslim, asylum-seeking, one-legged, lesbian lorry driver present,’ he joked, ‘then you may be offended at what I am going to say, as I want the same rights that you have got already’.
As a result the local police sergeant said he would ‘like to hear from anyone who was upset by the commentary’. Page was subsequently arrested and thrown into a cell. Jokes against minorities might be bad but jokes against political correctness itself are almost high treason.
Thursday a colleague of mine presented Maxim Institute’s argument against the prostitution reform bill on TV1’s Assignment programme. Thanks to the editing suite’s disrespect of context one of her answers came across a little fresh. Having already argued that prostitution always causes harm to women and is therefore always wrong she was asked ‘but what about disabled people?’ She suggested that if they were that sexually frustrated they could perhaps “get a grip”.
The PC feedback was vocal and vicious. One labelled my colleague as ‘abhorrent and discriminatory’. Sure, as I said the director’s cut presented the reply in an unintended rough manner but where does “discriminatory” come into it? The interviewer’s question was clear – if disabled people can’t get sex elsewhere then should they be treated differently and be allowed to buy sex? And the answer is an emphatic no! It doesn’t matter whether you’re a dwarf or an Olympic athlete. It is never OK to exploit vulnerable women and children. The rules don’t change just because you’re a member of a minority group. Or do they? And should I even be thinking these things…
Friday and I’m still trying to believe reports that an Australian kindergarten is having a year-end party but there will be no mention of Christmas. Wouldn’t want to offend minorities who don’t celebrate the occasion. Santa Claus won’t be invited but there will be plenty of clowns (maybe that’s the PC brigade?) Then a phone call comes in confirming our investigations. Yes ACC workers do ferry disabled people to brothels. They wait for them to be serviced and sometimes they even pay the fee (out of your taxes).
In the Hollywood Movie First Knight the renegade Prince Magellan challenges King Arthur with the statement that “different people live by different rules”. Arthur (with Sean Connery’s mesmerising Scottish lilt) replies, “Either what we hold to be good and right and true is good and right and true for all people, under God, or we’re just another robber tribe”.
Do we want one truth for all in this country or do we want rampant tribalism? If it’s the former you’re after then you’d better speak up soon because the PC brigade is getting bolder by the day.

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