Global Peace And Justice Auckland Newsletter #11

Published: Mon 14 Oct 2002 10:20 AM
Dear friends,
Although I hope to keep these newsletters to a monthly schedule there were a number of important matters that needed reporting and events listed. In particular helpers are needed to distribute publicity for October 26, there is another forum with Terry Bell from South Africa and we got the news that John Pilger’s new documentary will be screened.
Another antiwar action in planned for Saturday, October 26. We desperately need help to distribute posters and leaflets starting this weekend. If you can help please contact: Leaflets ­ Nicholas 8464896: Posters ­ John Minto 8463173 The poster is also available on our website in PDF format to print and distribute. Go to or directly to:
A special fact sheet on Iraq can also be downloaded from the site.
Our regular forum is the first Monday of the month. We also have a couple of special forums we are helping organise this month. They are all at the Trades Hall, 147 Great North Rd.
- 7.30pm, Monday, October 21: “Why I refused to serve in the Israeli army” with Rotem Dan Mor. This forum is on the same evening as the Pilger documentary (see below) so we will be showing the documentary at the forum as well.
- 6.00pm, Friday, October 25: “Think and Drink Evening” with Terry Bell, a Cape Town-based freelance writer, columnist and editor who was banned and in exile from South Africa for 27 years. Organised with the Working Women’s Resource Centre
- 7.30pm, Monday, November 4: The WTO, Gatts and Privatisation”. Hear Jane Kelsey (ARENA), Penny Bright (Water Pressure Group) and others
Message from the Peace Foundation: This film caused quite a stir when it screened in the UK recently. For daring to put the spotlight on this issue, John Pilger has incurred some particularly unpleasant criticism. Since John is a Patron of ours and has done an untold amount of good for numerous causes which have concerned the peace movement over decades now, we'd be happy to offer some counterbalance to this. So, if when you have seen the programme, you'd like to send him a message, we'll undertake to pass it on. PLEASE FAX THEM to The Peace Foundation! Here are the details:
'Palestine is Still the Issue' - latest documentary from John Pilger - screening on Monday October 21 at 8:30pm on TV One - DNZ programme. Brief messages of response to the programme can be faxed to The Peace Foundation (09) 379 2668 for forwarding to John Pilger.
1.5 million Italians take to streets
New York: A Peace Movement emerges
Thousands rally for peace in San Francisco
Britain: Bishops toughen opposition to war,2763,808968,00.html
Support for Iraq action at new low of 32%,2763,806633,00.html
The silence of the bombs
Bush fails to make his case
White House Œexaggerating Iraqi threat’,2763,807290,00.html
The President’ real goal in Iraq
Inspection as Invasion, George Monbiot,2763,806609,00.html
This marks the death of deterrence,2763,807290,00.html
Firas Al-Atraqchi: How To Lie About Iraq
In September 2000, as the Palestinian Intifadha raged, a blueprint for U.S. foreign policy and strategy was drawn up by a prominent U.S. think-tank. The blueprint, titled Rebuilding America's Defences: Strategies, Forces And Resources For A New Century, ...
The Bush Doctrine of Pre-Emption ­ US Senator Edward Kennedy
We face no more serious decision in our democracy than whether or not to go to war. The American people deserve to fully understand all of the implications of such a decision.
Official: US oil at the heart of Iraq crisis
The West’s battle for oil
The world’s petrol station: Iraq’s history is steeped in oilŠ.and blood
Looking Back at the War on Terrorism
This is a unique opportunity for people to support Cuba in the most direct manner by working for a few days on a construction site or by picking fruit. You will experience closely the cultural political and social conditions in revolutionary Cuba. The main features of the Brigade include: Working with Cubans; Talks on various aspects of conditions in Cuba given by prominent Cuban speakers; Visits to places of interest (eg schools, hospitals, factories); Opportunity to explore Havana independently; Visits to provincial centres; Homestays with Cuban families for a few nights; Participation in cultural activities. Organised by the Australian and New Zealand Cuba Friendship Societies. For more information contact Shonagh Lindsay
PH 360 2102 or 025 273 0939; Fax 360 2107; PO Box 47-294 Ponsonby; email: or
The Terrorism Bill has been rushed through parliament under urgency over the last few days. The Labour government has been keen to avoid public debate and scrutiny since internal polls prior to the election showed widespread opposition. A couple of examples show the problems that can emerge. Over the last year both the British and American government banned support for the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka because of their alleged terrorism. The Tigers had massive support in the Tamil community in Sri Lanka and internationally for leading the resistance to the chauvinistic and discriminatory policies of the Sri Lankan government, which used military terror to enforce its control. Recently a peace process has opened up in Sri Lanka and the government there has lifted its own ban on the Tigers, which can now operate openly. But the ban remains in the USA and UK. Similarly the Irish republican party Sinn Fein remained legal in Britain and Northern Ireland despite its close political links with the IRA. Although the British government carried out severe repression and banned Sinn Fein leaders from radio and TV they retained massive support among the oppressed Catholic community in the North of Ireland. Support was strong internationally including in the USA where daily newspapers and elected Congressmen gave them open support and financial aid. Banning Sinn Fein would have made the opening up of dialogue and a peace process that much more difficult. Nor should it be forgotten that less than 20 years ago Nelson Mandela was called a terrorist leader and the ANC a terrorist organization by the governments of New Zealand, the US and Britain. For more information on the bill go to: which has the final reading speech by Keith Locke, Green Foreign Affairs spokesperson.Environment and Conservation Organisations of NZ: “
Terrorism Suppression Bill Undermines Vital Civil Liberties”
LV Cup: Areva Gets A Big Message
Greenpeace yesterday hung a banner from the cliffs of Torbay, Auckland with the message ŒKeep the Cup Nuclear Free' to show opposition to the French nuclear industry's involvement in the Cup. See... Greenpeace Images: Keep The Cup Nuclear Free
An address given Tuesday by Archbishop Renato Martino, head of the Holy See's delegation at a session of the U.N. General Assembly on General and Complete Disarmament.
Cuba to sign nuclear non-proliferation treaty
US “disappointed” at India-Pakistan missile tests
For an example of US hypocrisy and double standards.
Butchers Must Be Tried for War Crimes, by Selwyn Manning, Scoop deputy editor.
Israel's latest assault against Palestinian civilians in Gaza would be a crime against humanity if perpetrated by soldiers of any other nation.
Neighbourhood Bully: Ramsay Clark (former US Attorney General) on US militarism
British Press Gagged Over MI6's £100,000 bin Laden
Tony Blair has tonight ordered a D-Notice on British media reporting government officials signing court gag orders. This regards the case of former MI5 officer David Shayler, who has evidence to prove MI6 gave £100,000 to bin Laden and Al-Qaeda, arms to Iraq
Please Note: The Hiroshima exhibition is open until October 17. The networkers workshop has been postponed from Nov 8-10 to Nov 23-25.
Friday, October 11, 6pm, Apartment J6, 19 Fleet St, Eden Tce.
First meeting of the International Women’s Day Committee to plan for an event on IWD March 8, 2003. Bring food to share and suggestions for themes and activities. Tel 3099903 (Lynn) or 8340604 (Janet).
Saturday, October 12, 11am, bottom of Waikumete Hill
The Sprayfree Coalition - a new group, are holding a Public March and Rally Saturday 12 October at 11am. Starting from the bottom of Waikumete Hill, proceeding along Great North Rd, finishing with Rally at Kelston Community Hall. (Parking - along Glenview Rd alongside Waikumete Cemetery) Speakers currently being arranged are Bob Harvey and Meriel Watts (anti pesticide campaigner). This message from Sprayfree Coalition. Ph (09) 813 5129 Please Phone or e-mail us your support :
Wednesday, October 16, 7.30pm, Trades Hall 147 Great North Rd, Grey Lynn
Christine Clarke Trade Union and Workers Forum: The situation with the Longshoremen and Warehouse workers on the West Coast of America, how this is of importance to us and how we can support them. Sponsored by the Anti-Imperialist Coalition
Thursday October 17, 1.30pm, Auckland City Council Civic Centre, Greys Ave (Aotea Square). Penny Bright from the Water Pressure Group will be presenting submissions and seeks some support at this meeting of the ACC Finance Sub-Committee
Open until October 17, Aotea Centre, BNZ Foyer, 9am-5pm daily.
Hiroshima-Nagasaki A-Bomb Exhibition - a collection of photographs and artifacts that depict the consequences of the bombings from 1945 through to the international peace initiatives of today. The exhibition aims to promote the total abolition of nuclear weapons through increased knowledge and understanding. The Auckland exhibition is being organised by The Peace Foundation. It is co-sponsored by The Community Arts Programme at The Edge and by the Japanese Consulate in Auckland. Entry free. For further information contact: Marion Hancock (Peace Foundation Director) 373 2379
Friday, 18 October, 7.30 pm, Somervell Church and Community Centre, 497 Remuera Road
Pacific Women's Watch (NZ) will hold a Discussion Forum "Poverty - What is the Reality for Women in New Zealand?" Speakers will focus on "Poverty - No Money and Why; Domestic violence: Refugees and Migrants - Barriers to Integration. Coffee and Dessert to follow. $20 or unwaged Koha. Ph. contacts 5283727 or 4456431 or 4280700
Monday, October 21, 7.30pm, Trades Hall, 147 Great North Rd, Grey Lynn
SPECIAL GPJA FORUM: “Why I refused to serve in the Israeli army”. Rotem Dan Mor a 21-year-old Israeli conscientious objector who was jailed for refusing to continue to serve in the Israeli Defence Forces, will be speaking at this special forum. Rotem Dan Mor was released from the army in February this year after 18 months on active service and a further 6 months refusing to wear his uniform or carry out any duties "for an army whose ways I don't believe in". One month of that time was spent in jail. Rotem Dan Mor says that he hopes that "by speaking out about my experience I can offer some insights into how a peaceful life can be achieved for the people of Israel/Palestine." See his site at:
Monday, October 21, 7pm Grey Lynn Community Centre, 510 Richmond Road.
Public meeting in support of a campaign to change the system for electing Councillors in Auckland to STV. Guest speakers include Rod Donald, Green Party Co-leader. A petition is being organised to support a referendum on the issue in Auckland City. If you can help contact Kim 361 5927 or email
Thursday, October 24, 7:30 pm, St Columba Centre, 40 Vermont St, Ponsonby
United Nations Day: Human Rights Network Auckland Forum on “HOUSING in NZ - a right or a commodity?" with knowledgeable speakers, plenty of time for general discussion. Wanted: Input re housing issues for NGO / Alternate report to UN ICESCR. For more information re Forum or Report, contact: Kevin McBride, phone: 377 5541, email:
Friday, October 25, 6pm, Supper Room, Trades Hall, 147 Great North Rd, Grey Lynn
“Think and Drink Evening” with Terry Bell, a Cape Town-based freelance writer, columnist and editor who was banned and in exile from South Africa for 27 years. A trade unionist, socialist and former political detainee, he was the keynote speaker at the inaugural conference of the New Zealand Anti-Apartheid Movement. An editor of Anti-Apartheid News in Britain, co-ordinator of the international 'Friends of Moses Mayekiso' campaign, he was the founding head of the primary division of the Solomon Mahlangu Freedom College for ANC exiles in Tanzania. He also co-authored the original ANC primary education curriculum. Together with Dumisa Ntsebeza, former head of the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission investigations unit, Terry published a book last year entitled "Unfinished Business - South Africa, Apartheid and Truth". Describing the book award winning journalist John Pilger said: "This is a brilliant, important book that should be read by everybody interested in the truth behind the 'truth and reconciliation' hype of the new South Africa in the finest traditions of fearless, independent journalism. Terry Bell reveals the cover-ups an d charades that allowed the shock troops of apartheid to get away with a crime against humanity." Sponsored by the Working Women’s Resource Centre and GPJA.
Saturday, October 26, 12 noon, Queen Elizabeth Square, Downtown, Auckland City
“No More Blood for Oil” ­ Mobilise to stop the war on Ira
qUntil 31 October - Roger Award for the Worst Transnational Corporation Operating in Aotearoa/New Zealand in 2002 - nominations for the 2002 Award close on 31 October. Roger Award nomination form and criteria are available on-line at
Monday, November 4, 7.30pm, Trades Hall, 147 Great North Rd, Grey Lynn
GPJA Forum: “The WTO, GATT’s and Privatisation”. Hear Jane Kelsey (ARENA), Penny Bright (Water Pressure Group) and others. A WTO ministerial meeting is planned for November in Australia and pressure is building for extending privatisation (in the form of so-called public-private partnerships) into roading, water, health and education services. What’s wrong with these plans and what can be done to stop it? See “The Last Frontier: Explaining GATT’s” by Claude Barlow
Thursday, November 14, 7.30pm, Maidment Theatre, University of Auckland
Nga Tohu Rongomau Papaho. In association with the 'Like Minds' Awards Special Guest Speaker: Tom Scott - Journalist, Cartoonist. Tickets: $25.00 waged, $15.00 unwaged Tickets at Maidment Theatre, Phone: 09 308 2383. Saturday, November 16, 12 noon, Aotea Sq, Queen St, City GE-FREE MARCH Demand a GE-Free Aotearoa, in food and environment. The government is ignoring majority public opinion. Show them that the GE-Free movement is more powerful than ever. This march has been endorsed by GE-Free coalitions and groups nation-wide, there will be people converging on Auckland from all over NZ. Contact the Auckland GE-Free Coalition (Karyn 09 3584105) or MAdGE (mothers against GE) ph 09 3093838 if you can help with distributing leaflets, posters, stalls, marshalling, fundraising, and the multitude of other tasks vital before and on the day.
Monday, November 18, 8am-11am, Sheraton Hotel, Symonds St, Auckland Protest at 3rd International Pacific Rim Biotechnology Conference. Take the morning off work to boost numbers at this important protest. Demand our food and environment remain free of GE, and free from the corporate agenda of the biotech industry to own the food supply, and our bodies. The last frontier of colonisation!Friday, November 22, 6pm - Sunday November 24, 3pm, Kotare Education Centre - 510 Wayby Station Rd, Wellsford.
Coalition Building Skills for Social Change Activists: A workshop for key networkers in different activist groups such as peace and justice, Te Tiriti, women's liberation, anti corporate globalisation or GE FREE Aotearoa. We invite groups to send a person who is a good networker, plays a facilitator role and understands both coalitions and the central values of your group. A fundamentalist view of struggle or methods is not relevant. Enrol early, as numbers are limited to 15. Facilitators Catherine Delahunty and Tim Howard will lead the process. Email
Sunday, November 24, 1pm, University Marae
Symposium on the Palestinian struggle. Organised by Students for Justice in Palestine. Contact Zaeem Baksh for details
Contact details: Forums ­ John Minto, (09) 8463173;
Newsletter Editor: ­ Mike Treen 0212547440;
Web page: ­ Geraldine Peters (09) 3570655
Donations can be sent to GPJA, 84 Paice Ave, Sandringham, Auckland. All communication regarding the GPJA mailing list (email or snail) should be addressed to

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