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Published: Fri 4 Oct 2002 08:34 AM
Global Peace And Justice Auckland Newsletter #10, October 4, 2002
Dear friends,
Thanks to all those who participated in the international day of action against the coming war on Iraq. A thousand Aucklanders joined people from all around the world on September 28 to say No! to war. See report:
London was the scene of a massive protest – the biggest in British history with media reporting between 150,000 and 400,000 people. Stories: Pictures: John Pilger wrote a great article for the Daily Mirror exposing the lies behind the war and urging participation in the protest:
Another march is planned for 12 noon, Saturday, October 26, assembling at Queen Elizabeth Square. This protest is coinciding with a major march on Washington by the growing US antiwar movement. See: This site also has a great article by two US lawyers arguing the illegality of US war plans.
To get more involved come along to the GPJA committee meeting this Sunday or the monthly forum on Monday, October 7. One of our previously advertised speakers (John Ondawame) can’t make it but we are lucky to have Moses Havini, a leader of the Bougainville people, to replace him. We also have a special GPJA forum on Monday, October 21, with Rotem Dan Mor, an Israeli soldier who refused to continue military duties and was jailed and harassed before being finally released from the army. (See What’s On in Auckland below for details).
Website / Contact details: Forums – John Minto,; Newsletter – Mike Treen; Web page – Geraldine Peters Donations can be sent to GPJA, 84 Paice Ave, Sandringham, Auckland.
Stop the war on Iraq - No NZ support
A new war threatens the people of Iraq and the world despite a UN agreement for weapons inspectors to return. The US is threatening to prevent the return of inspectors without a new UN resolution giving them a blank cheque to use force. The US hopes they can bully or bribe the UN Security Council to adopt an unnecessary new resolution that is so insulting to Iraq's national sovereignty that it's rejected or has so many new demands that it will provide the excuse they want for war. (See “US hardline on Iraq leaves full-scale invasion a hair trigger away”,2763,803471,00.html and Scoop Editorial:
A recent statement by Foreign Affairs Minister Phil Goff gives backhanded support to these war moves. He praised the document justifying war produced by the Blair government in the UK. Making the same vague, unsubstantiated claims of the US and Britain he said in a press statement on September 25 that "it is a fair assumption" Iraq has the capacity to produce chemical and biological weapons. "There are also strong grounds to suspect" that Iraq "has the ambition and has taken steps towards trying to acquire nuclear capacity." He supports the US demand for a new "strong Security Council resolution demanding immediate and unconditional compliance" with UN resolutions. Ultimately "the proportionate use of force must be considered," he said. Although he concludes that "the case has not yet been made" to "justify an immediate military invasion" this statement represents a significant retreat on the Labour Party's 1991 opposition to war on Iraq even with UN Security Council sanction. See Goff statement at:
The New Zealand government has said it won’t take part in a war without United Nations support but war should be rejected whether the US chooses to try and get UN support or not. By supplying NZ troops to the US war in Afghanistan help is already being given to the US war effort globally. We must mobilise on October 26 to demand: - Stop the war against Iraq - End economic sanctions - Justice for the Palestinian people - No NZ support for the war
MORE ON IRAQ AND US/UK WAR PLANS,2763,803471,00.html
The UN Resolution on Iraq,2763,803467,00.html
Bush and Blair’s war threat based on lies
US Diplomatic and Commercial relationships with Iraq, 1980–1990
When contemplating war beware babies in incubators
Not Again, by Arundhati Roy,2763,800015,00.html
President Bush wants another war on Iraq. A huge number of Americans are passionately opposed to war, but if Bush can secure other countries' support, he will attack anyway. It's time to make your voice heard. More than 200,000 Americans have already joined our online petition opposing a war on Iraq. Now it's crucial for people worldwide to speak up too. Nelson Mandela has called President Bush's attitude "a threat to world peace," The push for war "is motivated by George W. Bush’s desire to please the arms and oil industries in the United States." Help prevent a war by joining hundreds of thousands of people speaking out, at:
This recently released document is analysed by Scoop deputy editor Selwyn Manning. The article contains a link to the full report.
For a scary story on the origins of this strategy see “How Hawks Captured the White House” by Frances Fitzgerald.,3604,797594,00.html
Action in Solidarity with Asia and the Pacific This site has news on a campaign to free Lesley McCulloch, an Australian-resident academic, and Joy-Lee Sadler, a US nurse, who have been detained and mistreated by the Indonesian military since September 11. They have been charged with violating their visa conditions and the military have now have raised bizarre espionage claims against the two women. This is a concerted political campaign by the military to make "an example" of Lesley and Joy-Lee, both of whom are sympathetic to the plight of ordinary Acehnese people in the war-torn province.
Pacific Media Watch
David Robie’s café Pacific
Pacific campaign for Disarmament and Security
Asia-Pacific Network
ABC’s Pacific Beat
Sydney Social Forum
Resources and Conflict in Papua. International Crisis Group Report, 13 September 2002: There is a direct correlation between injustice in the management of natural resources and the strength of pro-independence sentiment in Papua and little hope for the autonomy option unless Indonesia ends the abusive practices associated with resource exploitation.
The Indonesian Tribunal: A Matter of Justice or Political Diversion? By James Dunn (September 4, 2002) James Dunn, former UN Expert on Crimes Against Humanity in East Timor, assesses the progress of the contentious human rights tribunal in Indonesia (Foreign Policy in Focus).
Saturday, October 5, 2pm, Aotea Square, Queen St, City PALESTINE / ISRAEL RALLY FOR PEACE. We call on people in Auckland to support Justice and Peace based on: 1. Removal of Israeli Occupation. 2.Right of Return for Refugees. 3. Sharing Jerusalem. 4. Cessation of Jewish only Settlements in occupied Palestine. Contact Palestine Human Rights Campaign
Sunday, October 6, 10am, 84 Paice Ave, Sandringham GPJA Committee. The committee is open to anyone who wants to help organize future activities
Sunday, October 6, 2pm, Fickling Centre, 546 Mt Albert Road, Three Kings “IN A LAND OF PLENTY: The Story of Unemployment in New Zealand” – A new film by Alistair Barry. Made for a general audience, In A Land of Plenty cuts through the smokescreens and spin doctoring to reveal the heart of Rogernomics and the modern free market economy. Narrated by Ian Johnstone and using extensively researched archive footage and interviews with those close to the action, this feature length documentary traces the origins, the politics and the effects of New Zealand’s policy of unemployment through to the present day. Entry by donation. Organised by the Auckland Alliance. If you need transport, contact - Auckland Isthmus: Trish Thomas, phone 815 5077, mob 021 115 3930; West Auckland: Gwen Shaw, phone 378 2188, mob 027 414 4074; South Auckland: Len Richards, phone 276 9433; North Shore: John Read, email
Monday, October 7, 7.30pm, Trades Hall, 147 Great North Rd, Grey Lynn GPJA FORUM: "Is democracy a ‘foreign flower’ in the Pacific". Hear David Robie, Pacific journalist and senior lecturer in Communication Studies at AUT; Moses Havini, International representative of the Bougainville Peoples Congress.
Friday, October 11, 6pm, (for venue contact First meeting of the International Women’s Day Committee to plan for an event on IWD March 8, 2003. Bring food to share and suggestions for themes and activities.
~ 17 October, Aotea Centre, BNZ Foyer, 9am-5pm daily. Hiroshima-Nagasaki A-Bomb Exhibition - a collection of photographs and artifacts that depict the consequences of the bombings from 1945 through to the international peace initiatives of today. The exhibition aims to promote the total abolition of nuclear weapons through increased knowledge and understanding. The Auckland exhibition is being organised by The Peace Foundation. It is co-sponsored by The Community Arts Programme at The Edge and by the Japanese Consulate in Auckland. Entry free. For further information contact: Marion Hancock (Peace Foundation Director) 373 2379
Friday, 18 October, 7.30 pm, Somervell Church and Community Centre, 497 Remuera Road Pacific Women's Watch (NZ) will hold a Discussion Forum "Poverty - What is the Reality for Women in New Zealand?" Speakers will focus on "Poverty - No Money and Why; Domestic violence: Refugees and Migrants - Barriers to Integration. Coffee and Dessert to follow. $20 or unwaged Koha. Ph. contacts 5283727 or 4456431 or 4280700
Monday, October 21, 7.30pm, Trades Hall, 147 Great North Rd, Grey Lynn SPECIAL GPJA FORUM: “Why I refused to serve in the Israeli army”. Rotem Dan Mor a 21-year-old Israeli conscientious objector, who was jailed for refusing to continue to serve in the Israeli Defence Forces, will be speaking at this special forum. Rotem Dan Mor was released from the army in February this year after 18 months on active service and a further 6 months refusing to wear his uniform or carry out any duties "for an army whose ways I don't believe in". One month of that time was spent in jail. Rotem Dan Mor says that he hopes that "by speaking out about my experience I can offer some insights into how a peaceful life can be achieved for the people of Israel/Palestine." See his site at:
Thursday, October 24, 7:30 pm, St Columba Centre, 40 Vermont St, Ponsonby United Nations Day: Human Rights Network Auckland Forum on “HOUSING in NZ - a right or a commodity?" with knowledgeable speakers, plenty of time for general discussion. Wanted: Input re housing issues for NGO / Alternate report to UN ICESCR. For more information re Forum or Report, contact: Kevin McBride, phone: 377 5541, email:
~ 31 October - Roger Award for the Worst Transnational Corporation Operating in Aotearoa/New Zealand in 2002 - nominations for the 2002 Award close on 31 October. Roger Award nomination form and criteria are available on-line at
Monday, November 4, 7.30pm, Trades Hall, 147 Great North Rd, Grey Lynn GPJA Forum: “The WTO, Gatts and Privatisation”. Hear Jane Kelsey (ARENA), Penny Bright (Water Pressure Group) and others. A WTO ministerial meeting is planned for November in Australia and pressure is building for extending privatisation (in the form of so-called public-private partnerships) into roading, water, health and education services. What’s wrong with these plans and what can be done to stop it? See “The Last Frontier: Explaining Gatts” by Claude Barlow
Friday, November 8, 6pm - Sunday November 10, 3pm, Kotare Education Centre - 510 Wayby Station Rd, Wellsford. A workshop for key networkers in different activist groups such as peace and justice, Te Tiriti, women's liberation, anti corporate globalisation or GE FREE Aotearoa. We invite groups to send a person who is a good networker, plays a facilitator role and understands both coalitions and the central values of your group. A fundamentalist view of struggle or methods is not relevant. Enroll early, as numbers are limited to 15. Facilitators Catherine Delahunty and Tim Howard will lead the process. Email
Thursday, November 14, 7.30pm, Maidment Theatre, University of Auckland 2002 MEDIA PEACE AWARDS. Nga Tohu Rongomau Papaho. In association with the 'Like Minds' Awards Special Guest Speaker: Tom Scott - Journalist, Cartoonist. Tickets: $25.00 waged, $15.00 unwaged Tickets at Maidment Theatre, Phone: 09 308 2383.
Saturday, November 16, 12 noon, Aotea Sq, Queen St, City GE-FREE MARCH Demand a GE-Free Aotearoa, in food and environment. The government is ignoring majority public opinion; show them that the GE-Free movement is more powerful than ever. This march has been endorsed by GE-Free coalitions and groups nation-wide, there will be people converging on Auckland from all over NZ. Contact the Auckland GE-Free Coalition (Karyn 09 3584105) or MAdGE (mothers against GE) ph 09 3093838 if you can help with distributing leaflets, posters, stalls, marshalling, fundraising, and the multitude of other tasks vital before and on the day.
Monday, November 18, 8am-11am, Sheraton Hotel, Symonds St, Auckland Protest at 3rd International Pacific Rim Biotechnology Conference. Take the morning off work to boost numbers at this important protest. Demand our food and environment remain free of GE, and free from the corporate agenda of the biotech industry to own the food supply, and our bodies. The last frontier of colonisation!
Sunday, November 24, University Marae Symposium on the Palestinian struggle. Organised by Students for Justice in Palestine. Contact Zaeem Baksh for details
>From the Refugee and Migrant Service: In the November Intake of the Refugee Quota we are expecting 2 Palestinian families and an older single Palestinian man. If anyone would be interested in joining the RMS Volunteer Support Programme to provide resettlement support for these people, please contact RMS on 6389-077 for further information. The commitment would be to come for 15 hours of training on Oct 30 -November 7, followed by a Volunteer Agreement to provide support for 6 months to assist the family in their initial resettlement. Jenni Broom RMS Regional Coordinator.
>From Cafca: If you check out and click on Links, you will see that we have now linked our site to quite a number of other Websites. These are the sites of groups and publications with which we already have an exchange arrangement, either in hard copy or electronically. Feel free to explore these newly linked sites - they will take you around New Zealand, and around the world. In some cases, our relationship goes back decades. CAFCA has a policy of independence from all political parties and thus we have not linked to the sites of any. The views expressed in the various sites are those of the respective organisations and publications, and not necessarily those of CAFCA. Murray Horton, Secretary/Organiser. CAFCA Campaign Against Foreign Control of Aotearoa Box 2258, Christchurch, New Zealand
Made in New Zealand – a label to be proud of? A report on NZ’s arms industry.
Officials urge Clark to join weapons race
The World Social Forum 2003 has been officially called and a new website launched where pre-registration will be possible. GPJA will be writing to groups in New Zealand to see if they are interested in participating in this unique world event that brings together tens of thousands of opponents of corporate globalisation and war. If you want further information email
A newsletter reader has asked us to draw peoples’ attention to the farcical character of the current trial of the former president of Yugoslavia Slobodan Milosevic. Articles he recommends include: “The Trial of the Century” “The Hague Tribunal – Bad Justice, Worse Politics” “If this Man is a Criminal, Where is the Evidence”? For further information contact:
“It will make no difference whether the reasons will sound convincing or not. After all, the victor will not be asked whether he spoke the truth or not. We have to proceed brutally. The stronger is always right”. Adolph Hitler speaking to military chiefs 10 days prior to invading Poland when he promised the regime would find a “propaganda pretext” for the war.
“If our quest is for proof positive, we probably will be left somewhat unfulfilled. We’re not going to have anything beyond a reasonable doubt.” US Defence Secretary Donald von Rumsfeld.
“Primary among US interests in the USCENTCOM is uninterrupted secure access to Arabian Gulf oil.” Strategy document of the US military’s Central Command responsible for carrying out US war plans.

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