Nandor's Head will be Hard to Get

Published: Tue 1 Oct 2002 05:50 PM
Nandor's Head will be Hard to Get
Two party leaders called for Ras Nandor Tanczos' head yesterday. This will prove very hard to acomplish, considering the former NORML News editor has acted totally in accordance with his stated principles and aims.
Why are we concerned about what the DEA has to say about our kiwi herbal dance pills? This is not the USA. Did you know that the DEA regularly shoot people in America? They only scheduled BZP ten days ago, and we've already got NZ media scurrying about trying to whip up some hysteria over here. Who runs this country?
Please note, BZP is the compound in peppers and chillies that "peps" you up. Time to outlaw some more plants?
Jim Anderton is focussing on the real issue: the development of effective drug policy. We are impressed. NORML is also concerned about drugs in schools. It was pleasing to see the PPTA discussing the matter at their annual conference. So we are all in agreement: no more drugs in schools. That is a big ask, but we can start with the obvious and dissolve the cannabis black market that so readily provides kids with cannabis. To do this, we create community based R18 cannabis outlets (coffee shops). We place the majority of cannabis production in the hands of ordinary adults through the legalisation of home cultivation. Some would get licences to supply coffee shops. Taxes on canna-business would go direct to drug education for the kids. Once legitimised, the whole cannabis community will gladly work to eliminate those who continue to target children for commercial gain.
The Green's cannabis policy is almost sensible, but by not providing for legalised outlets it fails to tackle the problem comprehensively.
Peter Dunne. Two words for you: beer and fags.
Bill English. It would appear you are angling to buy out Nandor's share of the Hemp Store. Ooh - that is so National Party.
Oh, and Act. Get your act together, Prebble. Heather Roy goes off to the Health Select Committee to protect Aotearoans' right to buy herbal medicines, now you're both attacking Mr Tanczos for selling them. Crikey.
As for Stargate. This is a Kiwi company being innovative and providing a safe product for the dance pill market. Legal dance pills contain reliable doses , so customers know what they are getting. Unlike those illegal pills wich are often padded-out with serious toxins, like strychtnine and other rubbish. But more like those diet pills that have been enjoyed for so long by many well-healed men and women in our society. A lot of funny pills are being popped these days for supposed medical reasons. Some infamous American examples: valium, prozac, ritalin et al.
There is a large section of modern society who work damn hard all week, then party damn hard all weekend. They take pills and dance all night. This is a generational thing. Many of us have had wonderful times partying with this pill or that. Funny how on the astronomically rare occaision some poor person dies doing this, alcohol is almost always involved as well.
On behalf of NORML, MIke Harding, Auckland NORML Coordinator, Jonathan Rennie, NORML News Chief Reporter

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