Parasites- Care of the State

Published: Wed 21 Aug 2002 10:47 AM
Wed, 21 Aug 2002
Parasites- Care of the State
"Mr Campbell needs to get out a bit and experience the real world - he has obviously been over-institutionalised,"said Peter Osborne, Libertarianz Associate Spokesman to reregulate education today following a press release issued by Mr Andrew Campbell, the Co-President of the New Zealand University Students' Association (NZUSA), complaining that student debt is unfair on students and that the new government needs to "act now."
"Mr Campbell seems to spend an awful lot of time snivelling about the apparent injustice of students who go into debt in order to further their own education," says Osborne. "What Mr Campbell fails to comprehend is that these students chose, of their own free will, to go into debt - this was completely their choice. Now it is time for those students to take responsibility for that choice. Mr Campbell however, is typical of the state-worshippers currently being knocked out by the various public educational institutions. His twisted sense of morality leads him to think that it is fair and just to extract money by force from the taxpayer, who has no say in the matter, to pay for the decisions of students liike him."
Mr Osborne continues, "Mr Campbell and those of his ilk are typically the final product of an education system that has been used as a tool by successive governments to churn out braindead parasites who worship dependency. For as long as the state holds control over the minds of every New Zealander, there will be a continual supply of zombies who will vote to keep the state in control. They have made an art of conning the public into believing that only the state can provide an education system. Mr Campbell is the perfect product of this system.
Mr Osborne concludes, "When New Zealand wakes up and finally votes for liberty, education will be stripped from the state and handed over to the free market. This way, governments will be unable to use education as a vehicle to push their own morality. Mr Campbell and friends can still go into debt to further their education only this time they won't be able to use the thuggery of the state to wipe this debt."
Libertarianz recognise the full ownership of one's earnings. Libertarianz says when students eventually find employment, they will be much better equipped to repay their debt as tax will be made a thing of the past. Extortion and theft will not be tolerated by Libertarianz, whether it be from an individual, group or government.
It's enough to make you vote Libertarianz!
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