Queen's Visit To New Freeland - Proposed Programme

Published: Thu 23 Aug 2001 09:42 AM
22 August 2001
Media Statement
Libz Proposed Programme For The Queen's Visit To New Freeland
Libertarianz leader Peter Cresswell today released the unofficial programme for the Queen's visit in October, noting that Helen Clark's earlier proposed programme for the Queen gives both women undue and undeserved importance.
The Queen, who will be accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh, will arrive in Auckland from Adelaide on Friday 12 October and spend the weekend of 13-14 October at Taupo withdrawing her earlier apologies to assorted Maori tribes for things not done to them - which apologies were extracted under advisement from the now disgraced Lord Montrose of Drury - and signing formal Renunciation of Sovereignty documents over New Zealand. (Note to admin: Queen's bill for Taupo stay to HM Government, Downing Street).
The official visit begins and ends with a farewell ceremony at Parliament Buildings in Wellington on 15 October wherein the Queen will promise never to step foot in New Zealand again except at her own expense, and in return New Zealanders promise to stand on their own two feet in future.
"The programme will offer New Zealanders an appropriate opportunity to thank the Queen for all she has done for New Zealanders," says Cresswell. "It will also provide an appropriate opportunity for New Zealanders to mark the end of the Queen's reign in New Zealand, and to ask what they got for their money." he said, "and - more importantly - it will allow New Zealanders to celebrate a new future under a new constitution with a government fully committed to protecting the individual rights of all New Zealanders equally - something Her Majesty's New Zealand Government has not done for a very, very, very long time," he said.
"Immediately upon the ending of the ceremony New Freeland will be declared and the Libertarianz Constitution for New Freeland enacted," said a delighted Cresswell. "Thereafter the Queen can please herself what she does, and she probably will, and New Freelanders can please themselves what they do, as long as they don't interfere with others doing likewise."
(At the request of Her Soon-to-be-Former Majesty, we would like to announce that the Libertarianz Constitution for New Freeland can be downloaded from )
Attached: Programme for Royal visit
Official programme
Friday 12 October pm
5.05 Arrive Auckland International Airport (at own expense).
5.20 Depart by air for Taupo Airport (at own expense).
Saturday 13 October Formal Withdrawal of apologies
Sunday 14 October
pm 3.45 Depart Taupo for Wellington International Airport (at own expense).
4.45 Arrive Wellington Airport and leave for Abel Tasman Hotel, Willis St (at own expense).
Monday 15 October
12.15 Drive through CBD to Parliament House (courtesy Alert Taxis).
12.35 Ceremony of welcome
12.36 Ceremony of farewell
1.00 State luncheon at pie cart outside Railway Station (Elizabeth's shout).
2.53 Stagecoach Bus to airport (at own expense).
Tuesday 16 October to Friday 19 October: own arrangements
Friday 19 October 9.20 Leave by car for Auckland International Airport (courtesy Alert Taxis).
9.40 Arrive
9.45 Depart New Zealand (at own expense).
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