Search Me Why Marijuana Is So Popular!

Published: Wed 29 Nov 2000 11:53 AM
Dope not as popular as Christmas, but more popular than Bush or Gore!
"Search me for Marijuana"
These were the 20 most popular search terms typed into the Lycos search engine for the week ending November 18. Other than prurient content, the list reflects what is on people's minds
Term searched-Last week
1 -Christmas ('tis the season to be jolly)-5
2 -Election 2000 (the US election, still)-1
3 -Dragonball (hit Japanimation)-3
4 -Thanksgiving (US holiday)-9
5 -Britney Spears -7
6 -Florida recount -4
7 -NFL (American football league) -18
8 -Playstation 2 (on sale in the US) -13
9 -Napster (MP3 music software)-11
10 -Pokemon-12
11 -Rush Limbaugh (Republican icon)-14
12 -Marijuana -19
13 -Tattoos (body art) -15
14 -WWF (wrestling league)-16
15 -Al Gore -10
16 -George W Bush -8
17 -Pam Anderson -20
18 -Las Vegas-24
19 -Final Fantasy (computer game)-25
20 -Eminem (white US rap star)-21
I would not like to dwell to much on any "branding" correlation's here... else one might think Brittney and Pam should have ran for public office, and Gore and Bush might have done better at the WWF...
With a recent search showing +800,000 webpages mentioning cannabis/pot, the ALCP web site is now serving 4000 pages a month into the mix... approx. 600 of those pages are read by New Zealanders.
With links to the ALCP appearing on over 800+ web pages, at more than 500 sites worldwide, it is positioned to take a formidable role in controlling the dialogue...
Cannabis issues feature highly in the kiwi political culture... topping the online political news at #1 issue in Scoop yesterday Scoop: Just Politics , and a creditable 8th today...
I suspect thanks to our enormous offshore readership...

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