Grafiiti from the Battle of Melbourne

Published: Mon 18 Sep 2000 10:18 AM
S11 Graffiti
Graffiti has always been a mode of expression for ideas outside of the mainstream. In Melbourne September 11 - 13, 2000 outside the World Economic Forum meeting in the Crown Casino, huge numbers used chalk and paint to tell the world why they were there, and what was going on. As one piece said, "I can't afford to buy off the media, so I buy paint".
Changed the capitalisation so as to make for easier reading, but haven't changed spelling – Joe Carolan (SWO Waikato).
Their greed will kill you
Equate anarchy with justice
Graffiti is a wonderful tool: buy your can today (=$3)
Liberty or death
It's becos we don't want to be bored
WEF - crime wave in progress
your affluence is killing us
There'd be enough for the needs of all, but for the greed of a few
Do a cop a favour, beat yourself up
Proudly unaustralian
No money, anywhere, anytime
In order to move on from Jurassic social policy, some social dinosaurs
have to become extinct
Don't feed the animals
(on the wall around the casino, which large numbers of police stood
behind the whole 3 days)
I think, therefore I'm unaustralian
Pigs behind bars, a grand concept
Go well, Go Shell, Go to Hell!
Never mind what's been selling, its what you're buying
First world wealth = third world death
perma-culture not consumer culture
Che lives
Stop gambling with lives
Fight war, not wars
Do they look like thugs or what
(on the wall)
Don't buy papers, take Action
Make Crown a prison, the criminals are already inside
Globalise Resistance
Victorian police protect criminals
Want violence? Try mining!
Such little boys, such big toys...
We live in a society, not an economy
We are all lost in our own forest, but gazing at the same sky
Such big batons - do they have a penis complex?
Welcome to Howard's relaxed and comfortable Australia
Revolution - right here, right now
Blame the USA!
I always do
We make it, they take it
Big Mac - not so big anymore
Lesbian solidarity
Children of the earth Unite and Take Over!
Money is a social construct
Ronald McDonald felches pigs
Fuck the pink dollar, sexuality is not 4 sale
See you in Sydney
Exist and Resist
The war 4 our streets begins with you
Crown is a maggot colony
Down with a world where the guarantee you won't die of starvation has
been purchased with the guarantee that you will die of
This is Kulin land
responsible protester was 'ere 2000
Economise this, you WEF scum
Sabotage will set us free, throw a rock in the machine
No future without revolution
Bread not batons
Clowns against capitalism are go!
Weed not greed
Money is not my God
Money makes the world go square
Demand the impossible!
Break the Bank
Defund the Fund
Dump the Debt
Power to the People
Bad spellers of the world untie
Kites + balloons stop WEF choppers
Nike we are not your slaves
Human dignity is more important than greed
Cancel the 'debt'
Free trade = slave trade
We're still here
John Howard = lowlife coward
Peter Reith = bloody thief
Peter Costello well he just plain sux
Where's constable care?
There's only constable corrupt
We are winning
Capitalism sux
The faces of capitalist oppression have no names
(after all police removed name badges)
Shoot cops not smack
John Howard is unaustralian
No, he's very Australian
Australia is genocide
Chemical drugs not chemical weapons
Work hard, make your boss rich
The true revolutionary is guided by feelings of great love
Problem: Capitalism
Solution: Revolution
Work together
By any means necessary
The whole world's watching... mainstream media
Kill your television
Share the wealth
Don't hate the media, become the media
Sure you can say whatever we want you to say
Who elected corporate rule?
Patent Greed!
Rupert Murdoch - what a wanker
Clown Cassino
These are not the droids you're looking for
Corporate world = hell on earth
Think for yourself, but only because WE told you to
Gamble your world away
Can you trust a private commercial media?
USA's over
Cops: Rebel against your overpaid bosses!
Don't get rid of graffiti, get rid of the Filth
3rd world poverty c/o WEF
You are under 24 hour surveillance
You better believe it
The more you consume the less you live
Open your eyes
Open your mouth
Close your hand
... make a fist
You can't eat money
Eat the rich!
No war between nations, No peace between classes
Fuck Earth
It makes $ence
Meat is murder
Meat is shithouse
Go to work! - on Howard's head
Break banks, not people
Spank the banks
Cops with fake smiles make me feel icky
Nike just fuck off
The strong only!
The money machine does not dream
Property of S11
Rent is theft
Casino closed!
Hot chips not wood chips
How did the cat get so fat?
The world is not a lego set
Make lego, not money
WEF is insanity
S11 is humanity
Notice the cops aren't dancing
S11 - our time
Police are flesh too
Fuck cars
Spotlight corporate liars
Down with patriarchy - share the wealth, share the power
Fuck patriarchy - become a lesbian
Capitalism is a dead horse
Earth for her children
Communities are not for sale
Tune out to the brain control
Struggles unite
Marshals - keeping info from us
This man knows whats going on in the world SCREW IT
WEF - the greed olympics
Keep fighting!
Don't return to normal
S11 & beyond, we are united
We starve our children before the Banquet of knowledge whilst
Politicians feast on the profit of war
Bongo drums are not political action
Human need not corporate greed
History lies!
Down with the police state
Start blockading at 5am everyday
Howard doesn't speak for me!
Cops are flops
Kill the Nazis
The truth brings down ratings
And governments
Fair trade not free trade
No murder
No weapons
No waste
No worries
No uranium
It is not inevitable we become like them
Fascism takes many forms
Hard batons - soft cocks
Seattle --> Melbourne
Love ya earth
Herald-Sun lies!
Welcome to Victoria - police state
ALP not for me
You can't buy me
Neither work nor leisure
Open your eyes and realise their lies
This building is ugly
Don't fool yourselves - greed kills
Packer - a reptile with a gambling problem
Trees not paper
Pirate Microsoft!
Burn down Crown
Never silenced
Don't believe corporate media
Why arn't you dancing
Rip off your labels
Poets for sale
Remember injured protesters
Prostitute of law
S11 = graffiti heaven
The cops have blood on their hands
S11 Unity Solidarity
The Mutiny is the Bounty
We are not the minority, we have never been
Elvis is dead
Hang Howard, Bracks
Money = greedy
Destroy all corporations (please, please)
Die yuppy scum!
BEWARE - violent police ahead
Fish against globalisation
(on aquarium)
Riot: Violence shows political conviction
Morals over greed
Globalise Love
Fuck the New World Order
Which corporation did you vote for
Environment is life
Thank you copper for punching - you just strengthened my resolve
Trees 4 S11
S11 - freedom posse
The people, united, shall never be divided
Our future, our right to know
The people have spoken
Love thy neighbour
Profit is not an end in of itself
It's never over!
all -isms are wasms
Under the bitchumen, the beach
Profit respects no one
Troops out of Vietnam now!
Free Mumia
Unemployment for all, not just the rich
Free market is a mistake
Capitalism breeds terrorism
I can't afford to buy off the media, so I bought paint
Capital rules, the people cop it
S11 - We won!
Ban wage slavery
We need you to love
Chant down Babylon

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