Copeland calls for banning of dangerous breeds

Published: Tue 7 Aug 2007 09:28 AM
Gordon Copeland Press Release
For Immediate Release
Tuesday, 7th August 2007
Copeland joins Chorus calling for the banning of dangerous breeds
Independent MP Gordon Copeland today signalled his support for a complete ban on dangerous breeds following the horrific attack by a Staffordshire-terrier Cross on toddler Aotea Coxon.
“At the end of the day the safety of our beautiful children has to come ahead of any so-called ‘right’ to own certain breeds of dogs,” said Mr Copeland.
“There is a pattern in all of this and I’m quite sure that an analysis of the horrific attacks on young children, not to mention elderly people, tracks back to certain specified breeds including pit-bulls and variations on that including the breed involved in this appalling attack on little Aotea.”
“The cold hard reality is that certain dogs have been deliberately bred to attack other animals and they are simply following a natural instinct when they turn their attention to a small child.”
“However any ban needs to go beyond just eliminating these dogs from our society in the future and, although I know it is a tough call, I think we need to look at the destruction of these breeds in their entirety starting from now. Our children must come first. “

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