Courage Needed In Disarming Nuclear Arsenal

Published: Tue 10 Oct 2006 04:50 PM
'Maori Party Calls for Courage in Countries Disarming Nuclear Arsenal'
Te Ururoa Flavell, Maori Party Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs
“The Maori Party shares the outrage expressed around the globe about the latest news of under-ground testing of a nuclear weapon” said Te Ururoa Flavell, Foreign Affairs spokesperson for the Maori Party.
“Our kaupapa is about promoting a peace-keeping role - which goes hand in hand with maintaining a Nuclear-Free Aotearoa” said Mr Flavell.
“However we believe it would be deceitful if world condemnation was heaped at the door of the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea, without also putting the radar on the other countries who possess nuclear arsenal” said Mr Flavell.
“If we are to believe Greenpeace - and we have no reason not to - there are over five thousand nuclear weapons in the States alone” said Mr Flavell.
“Perhaps this is the time for our Prime Minister to show the courage that her pre-decessor, the late Rt Hon David Lange did on the world stage, in proving that “nuclear weapons are morally indefensible” said Mr Flavell.
“The Maori Party is proud of living in a Nuclear Free Aotearoa” said Mr Flavell.
“The passing of the New Zealand Nuclear Free Zone Disarmament and Arms Control Act of 1987 was a great day in New Zealand history. Perhaps now is also the time to remind other countries, such as China and the United States, of the importance of ratifying the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, which we all signed up to in 1996; but out of the three only New Zealand has since ratified it (March 1999)” concluded Mr Flavell.
The Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty has been signed up to by 176 countries. The Treaty makes a global commitment towards establishing a universal ban against nuclear tests.

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